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  • Discussion on College Admissions for Minority Students
    Last Aired

    Minority Students and College

    Panelists talked about the amount of debt that minority students accrue in order to finance their college educations. Sara Goldrik-Rab, who co-authored a paper titled “The Color of Student Debt,” in…

  • College Ratings Systems and Minority Students
    Last Aired

    College Ratings Systems and Minority Students

    Panelists presented their studies on issues affecting African-American and Hispanic students and the overall effectiveness of college ratings. This program was part of a UCLA’s Civil Rights…

  • Discussion on Race and College Admissions
    Last Aired

    Race and College Admission

    Panelists talked about the impact of race on college admissions and policies intended to help minority high school students gain college admission. The panelists also presented their…

  • Education Opportunity and Equality
    Last Aired

    Education, Opportunity and Equality

    Democratic leaders and others talked about civil rights issues as they related to education. Among the topics they addressed were women and minority participation in athletics, affirmative…