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  • Jobs and the Economy
    Last Aired

    Jobs and the Economy

    Mr. Sweeney talked about the state of the job market, the U.S. economy, and future of the labor movement. In his remarks he outlined the recent decline in the quality of U.S. jobs and the…

  • Labor Day Economic Survey
    Last Aired

    Labor Day Economic Survey

    On the eve of the annual Labor Day vacation period, labor officials spoke to reporters about the nation’s workforce and the state of the economy. Among the issues they addressed were…

  • Labor Day Roundtable on Jobs  the Economy
    Last Aired

    Labor Day Roundtable on Jobs & the Economy

    Mr. Sweeny and Mr. Trumka spoke to labor leaders about the state of the economy and the job market. Among the topics they addressed were union organization, the impact of tax cuts on…

  • America After the Iraq War Part 2
    Last Aired

    America After the Iraq War Part 2

    Moderated by General Clark, the panelists talked about domestic issues facing the U.S. after the Iraq War. Journalists, corporate and union leaders, and economists offered their…

  • Sunday Talk Show Stakeout
    Last Aired

    Sunday Talk Show Stakeout

    Following an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Mr. Sweeney talked about his reaction to the Bush economic forum and answered other questions from members of the media.

  • Economic Stimulus Package Opposition
    Last Aired

    Economic Stimulus Package Opposition

    Participants spoke to reporters about their opposition to a proposed economic stimulus package being considered in Congress. They said that the legislation benefited business interests over…

  • The Growing Prosperity Gap
    Last Aired

    The Growing Prosperity Gap

    Mr. Sweeney spoke about the level of economic prosperity in the United States. He said that the gap between the wealthy and the working middle class was growing, workers were overburdened,…

  • Labor and Economic Growth
    Last Aired

    Labor and Economic Growth

    Prior to introducing Mr. Sweeney, Rev. Jackson talked about the impact of sports and black athletes on the U.S. economy. Mr. Sweeney asked for a strong and shared prosperity for all workers as a way to strengthen…

  • Climate Change Policy and US Economy
    Last Aired

    Climate Change Policy and U.S. Economy

    Deputy Secretary Summers and other economic experts discussed the impact of climate policy on the U.S. economy. They examined various economic incentives to reduce carbon emissions and how…

  • Labor and Business Perspective
    Last Aired

    Labor and Business Perspective

    Participants spoke about the need to distribute the benefits of U.S. economic growth more evenly among the labor force during a conference called "Restoring Broadly Shared Prosperity". Ms. Herman…

  • Renewing the Social Contract
    Last Aired

    Renewing the Social Contract

    Panelists discussed the growing economic anxiety among most citizens due to stagnant wages, layoffs and the rising cost of employee benefits in contrast to the overall performance of the…

  • US Economy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Economy

    The committee heard testimony on economic recovery legislation introduced to the Senate by Sen. Kennedy that would attempt to stimulate the economy by providing $170 billion in domestic…