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  • emFCC v Fox Televisionem Moot Court
    Last Aired

    FCC v. Fox Television Moot Court

    The Bill of Rights Institute and William and Mary Law School hosted a moot court on the FCC v. Fox Television indecency case. The case rests on the FCC’s ban against the use of curse words…

  • The Roberts Court
    Last Aired

    The Roberts Court

    Panelists discussed the Roberts Court, shifts in the U.S. Supreme Court, and the role of Justice Kennedy as the swing vote. They responded to questions from members of the audience. “The Roberts…

  • The Media and the Rehnquist Court
    Last Aired

    The Media and the Rehnquist Court

    As part of a two-day symposium on the legacy of the Rehnquist Court, journalists spoke about the Rehnquist Court and the media. Among the topics discussed were the anonymity of the U.S. Supreme…

  • emFerguson v City of Charlestonem
    Last Aired

    Ferguson v. City of Charleston

    A moot court debated the U.S. Supreme Court case Ferguson v. City of Charleston. At issue in the case is whether public hospitals can test pregnant patients for drug use and inform police…

  • Mitchell v Helms
    Last Aired

    Mitchell v. Helms

    Supreme Court scholars and journalists participated in a moot court argument regarding the case Mitchell vs. Helms, which the Supreme Court heard on December 1, 1999. The case focused on…

  • Criminal Law and Procedure
    Last Aired

    Criminal Law and Procedure

    Law professors and Supreme Court correspondents previewed the 1999 U.S. Supreme Court term, focusing on a few cases of criminal law and criminal procedure.

  • Federalism Cases
    Last Aired

    Federalism Cases

    Supreme Court reporters and law school professors talked about upcoming cases that the Court will consider which deal with the issue of federalism. This was part of the College of William and Mary law…

  • emClinton v Jonesem Moot Court
    Last Aired

    Clinton v. Jones Moot Court

    Attorneys argued the case of Clinton v. Jones before a panel of Supreme Court journalists who served as the judges. The Supreme Court on January 13 heard the arguments in the case in which…

  • Supreme Court Preview Voting Rights Issues
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Preview: Voting Rights Issues

    At a two-day conference on the 1996-97 U.S. Supreme Court term, panelists discussed the voting rights issues before the Court this term. The Court has five cases dealing with these issues…

  • Supreme Court Reporters 19951996 Term Review
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Reporters 1995-1996 Term Review

    The panelists reviewed the U.S. Supreme Court’s recently completed term. They discussed gerrymandering, cable indecency and other cases and speculated on their effects. Following their…

  • Supreme Court 1994 Term Review
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court 1994 Term Review

    Court journalists and law professors discussed the key cases from the U.S. Supreme Court 1994 term, in addition to the Court’s role in the changing political times.

  • Supreme Court Reporters 19941995 Term Review
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Reporters 1994-1995 Term Review

    The participants discussed the court’s latest decisions, the Supreme Court operations, and the fall term. They also answered questions from the audience.

  • Supreme Court Preview
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Preview

    Panelists discussed the main cases of this year’s docket concerning different aspects of civil rights, including voting rights and employment rights.

  • Supreme Court Reporters 19931994 Term Review
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Reporters 1993-1994 Term Review

    At a luncheon sponsored by the District of Columbia Bar Association, panelists discussed the recently completed Supreme Court term and the changes that have taken place on the court, including Stephen…

  • Supreme Court Preview
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Preview

    In a briefing during a forum at the College of William and Mary, the panel of journalists and law professors previewed the 1992-93 Supreme Court docket. The forum was sponsored by the…