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  • Cable Response to HIVAIDS
    Last Aired

    Cable Response to HIV/AIDS

    As part of an initiative by the cable industry to promote AIDS education and prevention, Doctor Berkley and Doctor Gallo talked about the origins of the disease, treatment, and efforts to find a…

  • Telecommunications Industry Regulation
    Last Aired

    Telecommunications Industry Regulation

    Kyle McSlarrow, president and CEO of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, addressed the Washington Metropolitan Cable Club for the first time as NCTA president. He talked about…

  • Cable Television Industry
    Last Aired

    Cable Television Industry

    Mr. Britt talked about the state of the cable industry. Among the topics he addressed were new products and services, the potential of a la carte pricing, and the state of competition…

  • 2002 Operator of the Year Award
    Last Aired

    2002 Operator of the Year Award

    Mr. Robbins received the cable operator of the year award. After receiving the award he spoke with Ms. Paskowski about the state of the cable industry, the integration of new technologies…

  • Future of the Cable Industry
    Last Aired

    Future of the Cable Industry

    Mr. Willner talked briefly about the impact on the U.S. of the September 11 terrorist attacks. He talked about the cable industry, competition, services bundling, and consumer issues. Mr.…

  • Television Programming
    Last Aired

    Television Programming

    Mr. Blank talked about cable broadcasting, the Showtime networks, and media marketing strategies. Following his remarks he answered questions from the audience.

  • Presidential Candidates and the Cable Industry
    Last Aired

    Presidential Candidates and the Cable Industry

    Former representatives spoke about potential outcomes of the 2000 election. Among the topics they addressed were control of the House of Representatives, how control of the House would…

  • Telecommunications Policy
    Last Aired

    Telecommunications Policy

    Mr. Cicconi spoke about his company’s telecommunications policy. Among the issues he discussed were the AT&T-Media One merger, the growth of the telecommunications industry, and AT&T’s six…

  • The Evolution of ESPN
    Last Aired

    The Evolution of ESPN

    Mr. Bodenheimer talked about the history and development of ESPN. He spoke about its mission statement and the steps the network had gone through from conception to the present day ESPN. He also…

  • Annual Community Spirit Awards
    Last Aired

    Annual Community Spirit Awards

    Local and regional cable representatives received awards for excellence in programming in a variety of categories.

  • Future of the Worlds Oceans
    Last Aired

    Future of the World's Oceans

    Using video footage from scientific expeditions, Mr. Gagosian talked about scientific discoveries made through ocean exploration and about the impact of new technologies on ocean science.…

  • Telecommunication Competition
    Last Aired

    Telecommunication Competition

    Mr. Hostetter spoke about the recent merger of AT&T and Media One. He stressed that this merger provides the size and scope to compete with local telephone company monopolies. He also urged…

  • Interactive Television
    Last Aired

    Interactive Television

    Mr. Masters talked about interactive television. He spoke about the technology involved, marketing strategies, and about using the Internet to view interactive television. After his remarks…

  • Community Spirit Awards Luncheon
    Last Aired

    Community Spirit Awards Luncheon

    At the first annual community spirit awards, three local cable systems and three regional networks were honored for excellence in community-oriented programming.

  • Challenges and the Future of Cable Industry
    Last Aired

    Challenges and the Future of Cable Industry

    Mr. Hindrey talked about the opportunity the cable industry has to educate and influence people. He commented on the fiercely competitive environment which the industry will continue to face in…

  • Proposed Merger of TCI and ATT
    Last Aired

    Proposed Merger of TCI and AT&T

    C. Michael Armstrong discussed the future of the communications industry and how cable and the telecommunications industry can merge. He discussed the new cable device that allows the…

  • Computers and the Cable Industry
    Last Aired

    Computers and the Cable Industry

    Mr. Wangberg talked about the convergence of computers and the cable industry, and its impact on society and education. After his prepared remarks, he took questions from the audience.

  • Cables Role in the Future of the Internet
    Last Aired

    Cable's Role in the Future of the Internet

    Mr. Van Houweling talked about the role cable television will play in the future dissemination of the Internet. He talked about the different uses of the Internet and how the combination of…

  • Future of the Cable Industry and the Internet
    Last Aired

    Future of the Cable Industry and the Internet

    Mr. Hindery talked about the Internet and the impact it could have on the cable television industry. He also talked about digital television and his vision for cable television in the next…

  • Broadcast Strategies in the Next Millennium
    Last Aired

    Broadcast Strategies in the Next Millennium

    Mr. Wright talked about broadcast network strategies for the coming century. He identified challenges from and cooperative agreements with the cable and computer industry. Following his…

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