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  • Africa Toward MultiParty Democracy
    Last Aired

    Africa: Toward Multi-Party Democracy

    The panelists talked about the growing number of countries in Africa moving toward multi-party systems of democratic governance. The countries are also experiencing greater pressures from…

  • Consolidating Democracy in Latin America
    Last Aired

    Consolidating Democracy in Latin America

    The panelists discussed the dramatic events that have been taking place to bring democracy to Latin America. Despite the attention the end of the Cold War and the Persian Gulf has received,…

  • Problems of Black Males in US Cities
    Last Aired

    Problems of Black Males in U.S. Cities

    The committee heard testimony on elements of the American social environment that hinder black men from advancing socially and economically. Issues to be addressed included discrimination, crime,…

  • Poverty and the Crisis of Social Policy
    Last Aired

    Poverty and the Crisis of Social Policy

    The Joint Center for Political Studies sponsored a forum to announce the results of a study on poverty in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. The study was also designed to study…

  • Black Leadership in America
    Last Aired

    Black Leadership in America

    Mr. E. Williams defined a leader as someone who advocates certain positions and is able to create a following to advance these positions. Historically, black leadership has been associated…