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  • Robert Kennedy Retropective
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    Robert Kennedy Retropective

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    Senator Robert Kennedy’s phones calls with President Lyndon Johnson. Senator Edward Kennedy’s eulogy after his brother’s assassination on June 5, 1968. Evan Thomas talked about Robert…

  • Thomas Second Hearing Day 1 Part 1
    Last Aired

    Thomas Second Hearing Day 1, Part 1

    The committee heard a statement from Supreme Court nominee and U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Clarence Thomas to begin his reopened confirmation hearings. Anita Hill, a former employee under Judge Thomas…

  • Brett Kavanaugh Testifies at DC Circuit Confirmation Hearing 2006
    Last Aired

    Judicial Nomination Hearing

    Mr. Kavanaugh testified at a hearing on his nomination as a judge on U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Among the issues he addressed were his qualifications and…

  • The LBJ Tapes Calls With Robert Kennedy
    Last Aired

    The LBJ Tapes: Calls With Robert Kennedy

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    C-SPAN Radio notes the 50th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s assassination with calls with President Johnson.  Topics include the Civil Rights Act and racial unrest after its enactment and the war in…

  • Bork Nomination Vote
    Last Aired

    Bork Nomination Vote

    The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 9 to 5 to send the Judge Bork nomination to the Senate with a recommendation that it not consent to the appointment.

  • Judge Robert Bork Nomination
    Last Aired

    Bork Nomination Day 1, Part 1

    The committee begins hearings on the nomination of Judge Robert Bork to be associate justice of the Supreme Court. Former President Ford, Senators Dole and Danforth, and Congressman Fish present…

  • CSPAN Looks Back at Supreme Court Justices Confirmation Hearings
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Justices' Confirmation Hearings

    C-SPAN looked back at the opening statements of all eight current Supreme Court Justices at their confirmation hearings. The program also included remarks by Senators who introduced the…

  • Senator Edward Kennedy 1980 Convention Speech
    Last Aired

    Senator Edward Kennedy 1980 Convention Speech

    At the 1980 Democratic Convention, Senator Kennedy delivered a speech stressing party unity and the problems of the nation. He said to his supporters, “for all those whose cares have been our…

  • Senator John Kerry Presidential Campaign Event
    Last Aired

    Senator John Kerry Presidential Campaign Event

    Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and others addressed a crowd at the Old Post Office Pavilion following Senator Kerry’s victories in the Super Tuesday primaries. The senator thanked his…

  • Harvard Convocation Ceremony
    Last Aired

    Harvard Convocation Ceremony

    Senator Edward Kennedy received an honorary degree at a special Harvard convocation. Speakers paid tribute to Senator Kennedy’s life in public service and contributions to both American…

  • 2004 Democratic National Convention Day 2 Evening
    Last Aired

    2004 Democratic National Convention, Day 2 Evening

    On the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Boston, MA, party leaders, former presidential candidates and others spoke about Senator John Kerry’s candidacy and building on the unity and…

  • Profiles in Courage Awards
    Last Aired

    Profiles in Courage Awards

    Annual John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Awards were presented to President Ford for his pardon of President Nixon and Representative Lewis (D-GA) for his participation in the civil…

  • Bork Nomination Day 11 Part 2
    Last Aired

    Bork Nomination Day 11, Part 2

    Former Attorney General Elliot Richardson testified in support of Robert Bork’s Supreme Court confirmation. In October 1973 Richardson resigned rather than carry out President Nixon’s order to fire special…

  • The Capitol  US Senate
    Last Aired

    The Capitol: U.S. Senate

    The history, art, and architecture of the U.S. Capitol from its opening in 1800 to the present were featured through taped segments on the various public and private spaces in the building, tours, and personal…

  • emMy Dearest Friend Letters of Abigail and John Adamsem
    Last Aired

    My Dearest Friend: Letters of Abigail and John Adams

    John and Abigail Adams kept a written correspondence throughout their relationship that contained a commentary on the political landscape of the newly formed country. My Dearest Friend: Letters…

  • US Senators Condemn 911 Terrorist Attacks 2001
    Last Aired

    Senate Session

    Senators delivered speeches regarding the terrorist attacks that occurred the day before, on September 11th, 2001. They issued a joint-resolution condemning the terrorist attack.

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  • Update on Military Situation in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Update on Military Situation in Iraq

    General Patraeus and Ambassador Crocker testified on the situation in Iraq and progress made by the government of Iraq in meeting benchmarks for progress and achieving reconciliation. They…

  • Alito Confirmation Hearing Day 1
    Last Aired

    Alito Confirmation Hearing, Day 1

    The Senate Judiciary Committee began hearings on President Bush’s nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court. Members delivered their opening statements on the nomination,…

  • Roberts Confirmation Hearing Day 1
    Last Aired

    Roberts Confirmation Hearing, Day 1

    The Senate Judiciary Committee held a confirmation hearing on the appointment of Judge John Roberts to the U.S. Supreme Court seat vacated after the death of Chief Justice William…

  • Breyer Confirmation Hearing Day 1 Part 1
    Last Aired

    Breyer Confirmation Hearing Day 1 Part 1

    This was the first day of confirmation hearings on Judge Stephen Breyer, President Clinton’s second nominee to the Surpeme Court. In this first session, two senators made opening…

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