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  • Space Effort
    Last Aired

    Space Effort

    President Kennedy talked about the U.S. space program, arguing that America should be the leader in space exploration and the first to land a man on the moon. He said his goal to send a man…

  • President Kennedy 1961 Inauguration
    Last Aired

    President Kennedy 1961 Inauguration

    Highlights were shown of the 1961 inauguration of President John F. Kennedy courtesy of the Senate Recording Studio. The event took place on the steps of the U.S. Capitol before a large crowd. Two of President Kennedy’s…

  • emTrip of the Presidentem
    Last Aired

    Trip of the President

    Trip of the President: September 24-28, 1963 is an Interior Department film produced by the Naval Photographic Center documenting President John F. Kennedy’s eleven state tour to highlight…

  • 1960 Presidential Candidates Fourth Debate
    Last Aired

    Presidential Candidates Debate

    Senator John F. Kennedy (D-MA) and Vice President Richard Nixon met in New York City for the last of four presidential debates prior to the 1960 presidential election. The debate focused on…

  • John F Kennedy Accepts the 1960 Democratic Presidential Nomination
    Last Aired

    Senator John F. Kennedy 1960 Acceptance Speech

    Senator John F. Kennedy (D-MA) accepts his party’s presidential nomination at the 1960 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, California. This speech has since become known as the…

  • 1960 Presidential Primary Debate
    Last Aired

    1960 Presidential Primary Debate

    Senators John F. Kennedy (D-MA) and Hubert Humphrey (D-MN) participated in the 1960 West Virginia Democratic primary debate. This was only the second televised presidential primary debate…

  • Reel America emThe Last Two Daysem
    Last Aired

    The Last Two Days

    The film The Last Two Days documented President Kennedy’s final hours as he traveled to Texas and visited San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. The film was produced by the Naval Photographic…

  • President Kennedy Audio Tapes on the Bay of Pigs
    Last Aired

    President Kennedy Audio Tapes on the Bay of Pigs

    Audio Stream Only

    On April 17, 1961, a U.S.-backed attempt to overthrow Cuban Premier Fidel Castro failed, in what became known as the Bay of Pigs invasion. Audio recordings of President John F. Kennedy in the…

  • Kennedy Grave WreathLaying Ceremony
    Last Aired

    President Obama at Kennedy Grave Wreath-Laying Ceremony

    President Obama visited John F. Kennedy’s grave for a wreath-laying ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary of his assassination.

  • President Kennedys Final Address to the United Nations General Assembly
    Last Aired

    President Kennedy's Final Address to the United Nations General Assembly

    President Kennedy spoke before the United Nations General Assembly, for what would be his last address to that body, on September 20th, 1963. The president noted that the delegates were meeting…

  • President Kennedy in Berlin
    Last Aired

    President Kennedy in Berlin

    Newsreel footage was shown of President Kennedy visiting West Berlin and speaking to a crowd. A segment of the footage showed President Kennedy stating "ich bin ein Berliner". The reception…

  • President Kennedys Cuban Missile Crisis Oval Office Address
    Last Aired

    President Kennedy's Cuban Missile Crisis Oval Office Address

    Archival footage of President John F. Kennedy’s Oval Office Address during the Cuban Missile Crisis. On October 22, 1962 President Kennedy addressed the nation on the build-up of Soviet nuclear…

  • President Kennedy Tours US Space Installations
    Last Aired

    President Kennedy Tours U.S. Space Installations

    A 1962 Universal Newsreel showed President John F. Kennedy’s tour of several sites involved in research and development of the U.S. space program. The tour included a stop at Huntsville,…

  • Cuban Missile Crisis Newsreel
    Last Aired

    Cuban Missile Crisis Newsreel

    A newsreel from October 1962 on the Cuban Missile Crisis was shown. On October 22, 1962, President John F. Kennedy announced the United States had discovered Soviet missile bases in Cuba.…

  • Senator John F Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier Wedding
    Last Aired

    Senator John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier Wedding

    Senator John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier were seen leaving St. Mary’s Church in Newport, Rhode Island, after their wedding on September 12, 1953. Guests were also identified as they were shown…

  • John F Kennedy Funeral
    Last Aired

    John F. Kennedy Funeral

    Universal News newsreel footage was shown of scenes from President John F. Kennedy’s funeral.

  • John F Kennedy Campaign
    Last Aired

    John F. Kennedy Campaign

    Scenes were shown of Senator Kennedy returning for the 1960 Democratic National Convention where he was chosen as the Democratic presidential nominee.

  • Kennedy Pullout Speech Roll Call for VP Nomination
    Last Aired

    Kennedy Pullout Speech; Roll Call for V.P. Nomination

    At the 1956 Democratic National Convention, John Kennedy delivered a speech to withdraw his name from the 1956 vice presidential nomination. Presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson announced that the…

  • President Kennedy News Conference
    Last Aired

    President Kennedy News Conference

    President Kennedy delivered a press conference. Four days earlier 1500 Cuban exiles had invaded Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. President Kennedy would not respond to media questions about the…

  • Bay of Pigs Invasion
    Last Aired

    Bay of Pigs Invasion

    President Kennedy spoke to the Society of Newspaper Editors about events in Cuba, which later became known as the Bay of Pigs Invasion. He emphasized that Cuban “patriots” had taken up arms…

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