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  • Charles Robb and Lynda Johnson Robb on Life in Public Service
    Last Aired

    Charles Robb and Lynda Johnson Robb on Life in Public Service

    Former Governor Charles Robb (D-VA) and his wife Lynda Johnson Robb, who is the daughter of former President Lyndon Johnson, talked about life in public service and their memories of the…

  • Media Coverage of the Federal Government
    Last Aired

    Media Coverage of the Federal Government

    C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb discussed covering politics in Washington, D.C., with students participating in the Close Up Foundation’s week-long government studies program.

  • Presidential Inaugural Discussion on American Politics
    Last Aired

    Presidential Inaugural Discussion on American Politics

    Brian Lamb facilitated a student discussion on public service, the political process, public policy, and student involvement in the presidential inauguration. This was an event of the…

  • Social Entrepreneurs
    Last Aired

    Social Entrepreneurs

    Authors discussed the role that social entrepreneurs play, or could play, in improving social and economic conditions in the U.S. and internationally. Peter Osnos moderated. Topics included…

  • Cameras in the Courts
    Last Aired

    Cameras in the Courts

    First Senators Grassley and Schumer testified. Then judges, attorneys and television executives testified about the use of cameras in the courtrooms of various federal courts. Among the…

  • Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum Dedication
    Last Aired

    Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum Dedication

    President Bush spoke at the official ceremony to dedicate the new Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library in Springfield, Illinois. Many other officials also spoke about the legacy…

  • emWhos Buried in Grants Tombem
    Last Aired

    Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb?

    Mr. Smith and Mr. Lamb spoke about the book, Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb: A Tour of Presidential Gravesites, published by the National Cable Satellite Corporation. The book is a guide to…

  • CSPANs 25th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    C-SPAN's 25th Anniversary

    Brian Lamb detailed his personal biography and his development of the C-SPAN cable networks. He praised the many cable executives and other persons who made it possible. 25 years ago C-SPAN was created as a new…

  • Peck Presidential Awards
    Last Aired

    Peck Presidential Awards

    Winners of the Paul Peck Presidential Award and administrators of the awards spoke with a group of high school and college students. This year’s winners include Mr. Elsey and Mr. Lamb. They…

  • BookExpo Book and Author Luncheon
    Last Aired

    BookExpo Book and Author Luncheon

    A panel of authors talked about their books, as well as current events and other issues. Mr. Lamb moderated the discussion. Among the topics addressed were the role of religion in politics, the impact of the…

  • Reflections on Careers in Cable Television
    Last Aired

    Reflections on Careers in Cable Television

    As part of a joint project between C-SPAN and Time Warner Cable, Mr. Lamb talked with students about their school, backgrounds, experiences, and thoughts on leadership. He also asked the…

  • The Drive to Televise House Floor Debates
    Last Aired

    The Drive to Televise House Floor Debates

    On the twentieth anniversary of C-SPAN, participants discussed the years-long struggle to televise proceedings on the floor of the House, the formation and early years of C-SPAN, and the…

  • Writing History Vividly
    Last Aired

    Writing History Vividly

    Moderated by Mr. Lamb, the panelists talk about the art of writing colorful narrative history. Robert Caro’s books include The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York and three…

  • Reflections on Careers in the Media
    Last Aired

    Reflections on Careers in the Media

    As part of a C-SPAN and Comcast project to encourage dialog between students and national leaders, Mr. Lamb spoke with high school students about leadership influences in their lives, the…

  • Annual Fourth Estate Award
    Last Aired

    Annual Fourth Estate Award

    As part of a black-tie dinner, John Aubuchon presented the National Press Club’s Fourth Estate Award to Brian Lamb, the CEO of C-SPAN television networks. The award is for lifetime…

  • emBooknotes Stories from American Historyem
    Last Aired

    Booknotes: Stories from American History

    Brian Lamb, editor of Booknotes: Stories from American History, published by PublicAffairs, moderated a panel discussion on the third collection of essays drawn from C-SPAN’s author-interview series,…

  • 25th Anniversary of Satellite Telecasting
    Last Aired

    25th Anniversary of Satellite Telecasting

    Participants spoke about the launch of satellite broadcasts on cable television and the growth of the cable industry over the last 25 years. Following their remarks they answered questions…

  • emBooknotes Life Storiesem Discussion
    Last Aired

    Booknotes: Life Stories: Discussion

    Panelists discussed the art of biography and their personal subject material. After answering questions posed by the moderator, they answered questions from the audience.

  • Biography Discussion
    Last Aired

    Biography Discussion

    Biographers discussed the craft of writing biography including how the types of information gathered during research has changed in recent years and how that change has affected the types…

  • Art of Biography
    Last Aired

    Art of Biography

    Biographers discussed experiences while writing about Lyndon Johnson, Eleanor Roosevelt and John D. Rockefeller. They also focused on memorable locations they visited for research and how…

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