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  • Robert Kennedy Retropective
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    Robert Kennedy Retropective

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    Senator Robert Kennedy’s phones calls with President Lyndon Johnson. Senator Edward Kennedy’s eulogy after his brother’s assassination on June 5, 1968. Evan Thomas talked about Robert…

  • Bay of Pigs Anniversary
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    Bay of Pigs Anniversary

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    The anniversary of the April 17 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, with President John Kennedy’s phone calls, news conference and speeches to newspaper editors and publishers. David Coleman…

  • Johnson And Kennedy 1968 Presidential Announcements
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    Johnson And Kennedy 1968 Presidential Announcements

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    The March 1968 announcements from President Lyndon Johnson and Senator Robert Kennedy about their presidential plans. Two historians provided their prospective on the announcements.

  • emThe Land is Richem
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    The Land is Rich

    This documentary used by the United Farm Workers union chronicles the history of California’s migrant agricultural workers and their protests for higher wages, union recognition, and safer…

  • The LBJ Tapes Civil Rights Bill  President Nixon Calls
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    The LBJ Tapes: Civil Rights Bill & President Nixon Calls

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    President Richard Nixon spoke to UN Ambassador George H.W. Bush about upcoming votes and becoming the Chairman of the RNC. President Lyndon Johnson spoke to advisors about the signing…

  • The LBJ Tapes Legislative Bills
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    The LBJ Tapes: Legislative Bills

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    President Lyndon Johnson talked with Congressional leaders and staff about the civil rights, foreign aid and poverty bills, aid to parochial schools and Vietnam. Note: some language may be…

  • The LBJ Tapes Calls With Robert Kennedy
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    The LBJ Tapes: Calls With Robert Kennedy

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    C-SPAN Radio notes the 50th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s assassination with calls with President Johnson.  Topics include the Civil Rights Act and racial unrest after its enactment and the war in…

  • The LBJ Tapes February 1964
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    The LBJ Tapes: February 1964

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    President Lyndon Johnson talked with advisors about school desegregation in Alabama, Vietnam, and the continuing Congressional probe of the top aide to LBJ when he was a Senator. Note: Some…

  • Robert F Kennedy Presidential Campaign Announcement
    Last Aired

    Robert F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign Announcement

    This CBS News report covered Senator Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY) announcing his bid for the 1968 presidential nomination, challenging sitting President Lyndon B. Johnson. The announcement and press…

  • The JFK Tapes
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    The JFK Tapes

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    John F. Kennedy was born May 29, 1917--and C-SPAN Radio notes the 100th anniversary of his birth with calls about one of the most significant domestic events of his presidency: The 1962 admission…

  • Ronald Reagan and Robert F Kennedy Discuss the Vietnam War 1967
    Last Aired

    Town Meeting of the World

    Senator Robert Kennedy (D-NY) and Governor Ronald Reagan (R-CA) respond to questions via satellite from a group of international students in London at the BBC. The topic is “The Image of America…

  • The JFK Tapes Desegregation
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    The JFK Tapes: Desegregation

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    On October 1, 1962, James Meredith became the first African American to become a student at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. President John F. Kennedy’s phone calls about the…

  • Robert Kennedy 1964 Convention Speech
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    Robert Kennedy 1964 Convention Speech

    Attorney General Robert Kennedy delivers an address at the 1964 Democratic National convention. This speech came to be known as his “Stars” speech. Attorney General Kennedy quoted William…

  • 1968 Presidential Campaign Ads
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    1968 Presidential Campaign Ads

    1968 presidential campaign ads from Republican nominee Richard Nixon, Democratic Nominee Hubert Humphrey, and American Independent Party candidate George Wallace. Also, two ads for…

  • Senators Kennedy and McCarthy on emIssues and Answersem
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    Senators Kennedy and McCarthy on Issues and Answers

    Sen. Kennedy and Sen. McCarthy, candidates for the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 1968, appeared in a short clip from ABC News' Sunday morning public affairs program Issues and…

  • The LBJ Tapes Vietnam and Laos

    The LBJ Tapes: Vietnam and Laos

    President Lyndon Johnson talked with advisors and Congressional leaders about the war in Vietnam, the proposed bombing of Laos, the Civil Rights and food bills and a visit from the Prime…