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  • Narcotics Terrorism and Southern US Border
    Last Aired

    Narcotics, Terrorism and Southern U.S. Border

    Witnesses testified about a report, “Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment,” and the situation along the southern border of the United States. According to the report, drug…

  • Cuban Travel Ban
    Last Aired

    Cuban Travel Ban

    Witnesses testified about proposed legislation to lift the ban on travel by U.S. citizens to Cuba. Among the issues addressed were the potential impact on Cuba’s government and Cuba’s human…

  • Mexican Drug Cartels
    Last Aired

    Mexican Drug Cartels

    General Barry McCaffrey (Ret.) talked about Mexico’s military and law enforcement war against Mexican drug cartels and U.S. efforts to counter that country’s drug trafficking. He also addressed uncertainty…

  • Afghanistan Security Challenges
    Last Aired

    Afghanistan Security Challenges

    General McCaffery spoke about security operations in Afghanistan, threats posed by a resurgent Taliban and al-Qaeda operation, and his own observations made during a recent trip to the…

  • National Security for a New Era
    Last Aired

    National Security for a New Era

    Current and former military officials spoke about the military’s role in international efforts to combat terrorism. Among the issues they addressed were appropriate levels of response to…

  • National Drug Strategy Report
    Last Aired

    National Drug Strategy Report

    Mr. McCaffrey and others spoke to reporters about the annual report on drug abuse. Among the topics they addressed were the increased use of ecstasy, drug treatment programs, and adolescent…

  • Drug Use Report
    Last Aired

    Drug Use Report

    Administration officials and a scientist talked with reporters about the results of a recent survey on drug, tobacco and alcohol use among teenagers. They answered questions from the media.

  • Drug Use in America
    Last Aired

    Drug Use in America

    General McCaffrey spoke about the national drug control strategy and how it focused on prevention of drug use at a young age. Following his remarks he answered questions from the audience.

  • Drug Policy Issues
    Last Aired

    Drug Policy Issues

    Director McCaffrey announced he would leave his position on January 6, 2001, even if a Democratic administration were elected. He also talked about future strategies for drug control.…

  • Drug Alcohol and Tobacco Usage
    Last Aired

    Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Usage

    Administration officials announced the release of the National Household Survey on substance abuse, which includes national and state estimates of illicit drug, alcohol, and cigarette use.…

  • Fighting the War on Drugs
    Last Aired

    Fighting the War on Drugs

    McCaffrey spoke to reporters about the growing use of ecstasy and other club drugs, as well as the national strategy to reduce drug use. He also talked about international distribution…

  • National Drug Control Policy 2001 Budget
    Last Aired

    National Drug Control Policy 2001 Budget

    General McCaffrey testified about the drug enforcement budget request and spoke about interdiction efforts, anti-drug advertising campaigns, and providing anti-drug assistance to Colombia.

  • Michael Jackson Radio Show
    Last Aired

    Michael Jackson Radio Show

    Michael Jackson transmitted interviews of the presidential candidates over the airwaves. Several other guests talked about illegal drugs, politics, and other issues. He also fielded…

  • Foreign Aid to Colombia Part 1
    Last Aired

    Foreign Aid to Colombia, Part 1

    Witnesses testified about the administration’s proposed $1.6 billion aid package to Colombia to help fight drug production. Among the issues they discussed were providing up to 30 Blackhawk…

  • US Drug Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Drug Policy

    General McCaffrey talked about the efforts of his office to combat illegal drug use in the U.S. He described his February 15 testimony before a House subcommittee on drug policy where he…

  • AntiDrug Initiatives
    Last Aired

    Anti-Drug Initiatives

    Administration officials announced a new counter-drug intelligence coordination group. They focused on how the group would pull together existing intelligence centers to provide more…

  • High Intensity Drug Trafficking
    Last Aired

    High Intensity Drug Trafficking

    Mr. Marshall talked about the new system of high intensity drug enforcement. He focused on the new resources created by the program and how the additional funds have improved the level of…

  • Alcohol Drugs and Crime
    Last Aired

    Alcohol, Drugs and Crime

    The Office of National Drug Control Policy sponsored a National Assembly on Drugs, Alcohol and the Criminal Offender. Senior administration officials talked about their agencies' efforts to…

  • Drug Use Prevention and Treatment
    Last Aired

    Drug Use Prevention and Treatment

    As part of the National Assembly on Drugs, Alcohol and the Criminal Offender, participants talked about the importance of drug use prevention and treatment in society. They focused on the…

  • Drug Free Communities Meeting
    Last Aired

    Drug Free Communities Meeting

    Participants talked about using federal grant money to develop community programs to combat drug abuse. Among the issues they addressed were building effective partnerships between local…

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