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Iraq War (03/19/03-05/01/03 Bing West


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  • emThe Strongest Tribeem
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    The Strongest Tribe

    Bing West talked about the tactical, operational, and strategic variables in the Iraq War. He said that the most important variable . He spoke about the causes of the sectarian conflict…

  • What to Do About Iraq
    Last Aired

    What to Do About Iraq

    Former Assistant Secretary West and Mr. Fisk talked about the war in Iraq and debated the issue of what the U.S. should do now. The authors also discussed the history of Western involvement…

  • Future Operations of the US Marine Corps
    Last Aired

    Future Operations of the U.S. Marine Corps

    Panelists participated in a forum on the future of the U.S. Marine Corps. Participants focused on operational challenges facing the Marine Corps, lessons learned from military operations in…

  • emThe March Up  Taking Baghdad em
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    The March Up: Taking Baghdad

    Mr. West and General Smith (Ret.) discussed their book The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division, published by Bantam. The story is a first-hand account of the 1st Marine…