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  • Republican National Committee Winter Meeting
    Last Aired

    Republican National Committee Winter Meeting

    Members of the Republican Party, office holders and other Republican officials gathered for their annual winter meeting. Speakers talked about the agenda of the party and their strategies for the…

  • Republican Summer Meeting
    Last Aired

    Republican Summer Meeting

    The Republican National Committee held its summer meeting. Speakers discussed various issues including the upcoming the 1998 congressional elections to be held in November. The agenda and…

  • Global Climate Change and the Economy
    Last Aired

    Global Climate Change and the Economy

    Senator Hagel talked about the recent emphasis on global climate change and how new information and action on this issue may effect the world economy. He talked about the importance of environmental…

  • Republican Congressional Agenda
    Last Aired

    Republican Congressional Agenda

    Senator Lott talked about the Republican agenda for the second session of the 105th Congress. He talked about the legacy of President Reagan and the legacy of the Republican controlled…

  • Medicare Reform
    Last Aired

    Medicare Reform

    Senator Gramm discussed the proposed Medicare reform plan before this session of Congress. He expressed his displeasure at the president’s recent State of the Union address and said the first objective…