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  • Foreign Policy in the PostCold War Era
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    Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era

    Former President Carter commented on U.S. foreign policy following the end of the Cold War, including the issues of balancing the environment and economic development, and global human…

  • Annual Human Rights Awards
    Last Aired

    Annual Human Rights Awards

    Former President Jimmy Carter spoke at a luncheon awards ceremony to honor the recipients of the foundation’s Carter-Menil Human Rights Prize. The Haitian Refugees Center of Miami and the…

  • US Foreign Policy Issues
    Last Aired

    U.S. Foreign Policy Issues

    Former President Jimmy Carter addressed the 1992 Democratic National Convention on human rights issues around the world. He spoke about the work in international relations he and his wife conduct…

  • Reflections of Former President
    Last Aired

    Reflections of Former President

    Former President Jimmy Carter reflected on the 1976 Democratic National Convention. He talked about the feeling of accepting his party’s nomination and his determination not to betray that trust.…

  • GoreCarter News Conference
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    Gore/Carter News Conference

    Senator Gore, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, and former President Carter held a news conference to talk about campaign issues. They compared the foreign and domestic policies of President Bush…

  • Global Conflicts
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    Global Conflicts

    This forum on civil conflicts happening around the world was hosted by former President Jimmy Carter and was held at the Carter Center at Emory University. Participants included South…

  • Civil Conflicts and Conflict Resolution
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    Civil Conflicts and Conflict Resolution

    Former President Jimmy Carter examined civil conflicts around the world in a speech delivered in a conference on civil conflicts and conflict resolution at the Carter Center in Atlanta, GA.…

  • Soviet Role in Global Politics
    Last Aired

    Soviet Role in Global Politics

    Eduard Shevardnadze, former Soviet Foreign Minister, made brief remarks and answered questions by remote connection in a conference on civil conflicts and conflict resolution held at the Carter…

  • 1992 Town Hall Annual Dinner
    Last Aired

    1992 Town Hall Annual Dinner

    Fmr. President Carter spoke to dinner attendees on his career in political office and his work in human rights since leaving the presidency. The president discussed the transition of Governor…

  • Road to the White House
    Last Aired

    Road to the White House

    Road To The White House covered former President Jimmy Carter speaking to reporters, a H. Ross Perot event in Virginia and the 1972 presidential campaign.

  • Harriman Democracy Awards
    Last Aired

    Harriman Democracy Awards

    The National Democratic Institute for International Affairs held its 7th annual dinner to honor the recipients of the Harriman Democracy Awards. Fmr. President Carter criticized the foreign…

  • Federal Assistance For The Needy
    Last Aired

    Federal Assistance For The Needy

    Following a meeting with President Bush, Former President Jimmy Carter talked to reporters about the need for coordination among federal agencies to help the needy. He cited illiteracy as…