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  • USUK Terrorism Laws
    Last Aired

    U.S.-U.K. Terrorism Laws

    Mr. Rivkin talked about the differences between U.S. and U.K. anti-terrorism laws and the lessons that can be learned by comparing them. He wrote an opinion piece in the Monday, August 14,…

  • Future of Iraq
    Last Aired

    Future of Iraq

    Moderated by Mr. Gvosdev, experts participated in a panel discussion about the future of Iraq. Topics included efforts to combat terrorism, the U.S. strategy, the feasibility of democracy,…

  • US Foreign Policy and Threats to International Security
    Last Aired

    U.S. Foreign Policy and Threats to International Security

    Scholars talked about foreign policy goals and operations, including relations with Iran, North Korea, Iraq, as well as efforts to combat global terrorism. Among the issues they addressed…

  • Attorney General Nomination
    Last Aired

    Attorney General Nomination

    Guests discussed the nomination of Alberto Gonzales for attorney general being debated on the Senate floor. Mr. Rivkin supported the nomination as he wrote earlier during the month in National…

  • Treatment of Terrorism Suspects
    Last Aired

    Treatment of Terrorism Suspects

    This was the first part of a five-part series on the effects of the Patriot Act. Each segment began with a brief interview with a journalist, followed by a roundtable discussion of the…

  • War Crime Trials
    Last Aired

    War Crime Trials

    Mr. Scheffer and Mr. Rivkin will discuss the possible legal prosecution of Saddam Hussein and members of his inner circle on war crimes, should they be caught. Mr. Scheffer is in favor of…