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  • US Supreme Court Ruling Reaction
    Last Aired

    U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Reaction

    Mr. Klain and Mr. Boies spoke to reporters about a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to stop an on-going recount of ballots in Florida after the Florida Supreme Court ordered the action.…

  • Contested Florida Election Results
    Last Aired

    Contested Florida Election Results

    Gore campaign attorneys spoke to reporters about a Supreme Court decision vacating a Florida Supreme Court ruling that extended the deadline for a recount in the election vote recount.…

  • How Would Al Gore Govern
    Last Aired

    How Would Al Gore Govern?

    Colleagues and journalists talked about their own recollections of Vice President Gore’s career and about how he might govern as president. Among the issues they discussed were his Senate…

  • Florida Supreme Court Oral Arguments Reaction
    Last Aired

    Florida Supreme Court Oral Arguments Reaction

    Lawyers for the Gore campaign spoke to reporters about their arguments before the Florida Supreme Court and talked about the status of the election contest. Following their remarks that…