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  • Marriage Equality
    Last Aired

    Marriage Equality

    Member from the LGBT community talked about their personnel experiences in the fight for marriage equality and transsgender rights, and the ongoing struggles to gain full rights and…

  • Legal Experts Review the Supreme Court Term
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Term Review

    Legal experts reviewed key decisions of the 2015-16 Supreme Court term and examined how the court functioned with eight justices following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Topics…

  • Use of Executive Power
    Last Aired

    Use of Executive Power

    Legal analysts compared the use of executive power by the George W. Bush and Obama administrations, particularly in the areas of war powers and national security. They discussed the use of…

  • Hearing on Lawsuit Against President Obama
    Last Aired

    House Republican Lawsuit Against President Obama

    Legal scholars testified on the merits and viability of a lawsuit against President Obama brought by Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans to ensure the president was properly and faithfully executing the…

  • Supreme Court 20122013 Term Overview
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court 2012-2013 Term Overview

    Former Solicitor General Theodore Olson and Former Acting Solicitor General Walter Dellinger gave an overview of the cases before the Supreme Court during the 2012-13 term. Cases discussed included drug-dog…

  • Presidential Recess Appointments
    Last Aired

    Presidential Recess Appointments

    Legal experts discussed the constitutionality of presidential recess appointments. Two panelists argued that the appointments of Richard Cordray to be the Consumer Financial Protection…

  • emHosannaTabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v EEOCem
    Last Aired

    Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC

    The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC, docket number 10-553. The case focused on on whether a teacher at a religious…

  • 20112012 Supreme Court Term Preview
    Last Aired

    2011-2012 Supreme Court Term Preview

    Constitutional scholars and attorneys previewed the upcoming Supreme Court term. Among the topics they addressed were cases involving Federal Communications Commission decency rules, the…

  • Supreme Court Perspectives
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Perspectives

    Former U.S. solicitor generals and legal scholars Theodore Olson and Walter Dellinger talked about the current Supreme Court term.

  • 150th Anniversary of the Dred Scott Decision
    Last Aired

    150th Anniversary of the Dred Scott Decision

    A discussion was held on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Dred Scott decision, where Dred Scott had sued for his freedom. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that blacks could never be…

  • Constitutionality of Health Care Law
    Last Aired

    Constitutionality of Health Care Law

    Witnesses testified about the constitutionality of the 2010 health care law. The hearing took place two days after U.S. District Court judge Roger Vinson ruled the law was unconstitutional.…

  • Presidents and the Constitution
    Last Aired

    Presidents and the Constitution

    Walter Dellinger moderated a panel of legal scholars who talked about the issue of presidential obligation to follow the law. Among the topics of discussion were the role of the Justice…

  • Supreme Court 20092010 Term Review Legal Panel
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court 2009-2010 Term Review, Legal Panel

    Legal experts talked about the 2009-2010 Supreme Court term. They focused on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and the future of campaign finance law, as well as the future of…

  • Supreme Court in 2020
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court in 2020

    Legal scholars spoke about the future of the Supreme Court and potential issues for the court in 2020. Among teh topics they addressed were business and economic law, federalism, and social…

  • 2008 Supreme Court Term Review
    Last Aired

    2008 Supreme Court Term Review

    Panelists talked about the major cases heard and decided during the 2008-2009 Supreme Court term. They also responded to questions from audience members. Topics included the nomination of…

  • Legacy of the Rehnquist Court
    Last Aired

    Legacy of the Rehnquist Court

    At a conference on “The Legacy of the Rehnquist Court,” a panel of solicitors general discussed the impact of the Rehnquest Court, the structural Constitution under the Rehnquist Court, and…

  • Federalism and the Supreme Court
    Last Aired

    Federalism and the Supreme Court

    A panel discussion was held about how the philosophy of federalism has been expressed by the U.S. Supreme Court under Chief Justice Roberts. Judge Sentelle moderated. “Federalism: The Roberts Court and…

  • Covering the US Supreme Court
    Last Aired

    Covering the U.S. Supreme Court

    Former Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse talked about her career with retired Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Walter Dellinger made introductory remarks, and Ronald Collins moderated.…

  • 2008 Election and the Supreme Court
    Last Aired

    2008 Election and the Supreme Court

    The panel talked about the impact of the presidency on the Supreme Court. They focused on the results of the 2008 Presidential Election and the role that the winner would play in changing…

  • Judicial Opinion Writing
    Last Aired

    Judicial Opinion Writing

    America and the Courts (Satuday, Aug. 2nd)

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