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Separation of powers Walter E. Dellinger III


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  • Hearing on Lawsuit Against President Obama
    Last Aired

    House Republican Lawsuit Against President Obama

    Legal scholars testified on the merits and viability of a lawsuit against President Obama brought by Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans to ensure the president was properly and faithfully executing the…

  • Congressional Oversight and Executive Privilege
    Last Aired

    Congressional Oversight and Executive Privilege

    Panel members discussed the balance between congressional oversight and executive privilege when Congress demands information, executive branch documents, or the testimony of executive…

  • Congressional War Powers
    Last Aired

    Congressional War Powers

    The guests debated Congress' constitutional powers to limit or end the war in Iraq as proposed in several resolutions that may be debated next week in the Senate. Mr. Dellinger testified at a…

  • Judicial Independence
    Last Aired

    Judicial Independence

    Assistant Attorney General spoke about the debates over the U.S. Constitution in 1787 and how the separation of powers enshrined in it created the conditions for an independent judiciary.…

  • Independent Executive Legal Interpretation
    Last Aired

    Independent Executive Legal Interpretation

    In this opening discussion of a two-day conference, Mr. Dellinger spoke about the president’s and the executive branch’s roles in interpreting the U.S. Constitution. He focused on how a…

  • President and Constitutional Interpretation
    Last Aired

    President and Constitutional Interpretation

    Mr. Dellinger spoke about the president’s, and executive branch’s, role in interpreting the Constitution. He focused on how a more independent executive was created during the last days of…