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  • End of World War II 75th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    End of World War II 75th Anniversary

    On September 2, 1945, government and military officials from the Empire of Japan signed surrender documents in a ceremony aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, formally bringing the Pacific War…

  • 2016 National Competitiveness Forum Morning Session Part 1
    Last Aired

    2016 National Competitiveness Forum, Morning Session, Part 1

    The U.S. Council on Competitiveness held the day-long 2016 National Competitiveness Forum on U.S. competitiveness at home and abroad with chief executive officers from major companies, academics,…

  • Industry Experts Testify on Freight Transportation
    Last Aired

    Freight Transportation System

    Witnesses from FedEx, Norfolk Southern, the South Carolina Ports Authority, Werner Enterprises, and the AFL-CIOtestified on the future of freight transportation.

  • Fred Smith Remarks
    Last Aired

    Fred Smith Remarks

    Frederick Smith spoke with Bret Baier about the FedEx Corporation, job creation efforts in the aviation industry, and the cargo airline forecast for 2013. The FedEx president and chief…

  • Energy Security
    Last Aired

    Energy Security

    Business, political, and retired military leaders talked about the report they were releasing, “National Strategy for Energy Security: Harnessing American Resources and Innovation.” The report…

  • US Oil Security
    Last Aired

    U.S. Oil Security

    A group of conservative former members of the military called on the U.S. to reduce its dependence on foreign oil, calling it one of the top national security issues. Former Vice Chair of General…

  • Businesses States and Economic Growth
    Last Aired

    Businesses, States, and Economic Growth

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and CEOs Steve Wynn and Fred Smith talked about the role of government and businesses in promoting economic growth, and the impact of the new health care…

  • Energy Security Part 2
    Last Aired

    Energy Security, Part 2

    Mr. Smith and Mr. Wald testified about U.S. energy policy and reducing dependence on foreign oil. They focused on the use of petroleum products for transportation needs and developing…

  • Energy Policy Alternatives
    Last Aired

    Energy Policy Alternatives

    Fred Smith, co-chairman of the Energy Security Leadership Council, talked about the relationship between volatile energy prices and the U.S. economic downturn. He also discussed a new study that…

  • Impact of High Gas Prices on Small Businesses
    Last Aired

    Impact of High Gas Prices on Small Businesses

    Witnesses testified about energy policy, the impact of high gasoline prices on small businesses, fuel markets and capacity, added costs due to transportation of goods, and potential costs…

  • Oil Independence Funding
    Last Aired

    Oil Independence Funding

    The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development held a hearing on the policies and funding necessary for reducing U.S. oil dependence. Witnesses also talked about the…

  • National World War II Memorial Dedication
    Last Aired

    National World War II Memorial Dedication

    The National World War II Memorial was dedicated. Politicians, officials, and others made speeches praising the effort and sacrifice of the World War II generation. Portions of interviews,…

  • Airline Industry Stimulus Bill Part 1
    Last Aired

    Airline Industry Stimulus Bill, Part 1

    Airline executives testified about the effect of the terrorist attacks on their industry and requested financial aid from the federal government.

  • Federal Express and US Postal Service Agreement
    Last Aired

    Federal Express and U.S. Postal Service Agreement

    Federal Express and U.S. Postal Service officials briefed reporters on their agreement to allow U.S. Mail on Federal Express planes and provide Federal Express packaging at U.S. post…

  • National World War II Memorial Ground Breaking
    Last Aired

    National World War II Memorial Ground Breaking

    President Clinton and others participated in a ground-breaking ceremony for a monument to World War II veterans. They talked about the valor and sacrifices of World War II veterans and commented…

  • National WWII Memorial Reception
    Last Aired

    National WWII Memorial Reception

    President Clinton spoke about the significance of, and the funding for, a proposed World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. Former Senator Dole and the project’s co-chair Mr. Smith also…

  • Trade Relations with China
    Last Aired

    Trade Relations with China

    Witnesses testified about trade relations with China and China’s bid for membership in the World Trade Organization. Lawmakers testified about renewing Normal Trade Relations Status…

  • Trade Relations with China
    Last Aired

    Trade Relations with China

    Members of the Clinton administration and other foreign policy experts testified before committee members regarding the United States' trade relations with China.

  • Transportation Challenges
    Last Aired

    Transportation Challenges

    Secretary Slater and others participated in a forum which examined issues affecting the future of transportation in the United States. A video was shown highlighting the accomplishments of the…

  • Federal Express in the Pacific
    Last Aired

    Federal Express in the Pacific

    During his keynote speech in the symposium, "Driving Each Other Crazy: What Is the Real Problem Between the U.S. and Japan?", Mr. Smith described the dispute between U.S. and Japan over…

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