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  • Media Coverage of the War in Vietnam and Beyond
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    Media Coverage of the War in Vietnam and Beyond

    Dorothy Fall talked about her book, Bernard Fall: Memories of a Soldier-Scholar, a book about her husband who began covering Vietnam in 1953 during the French occupation. He continued…

  • Vietnam and the Presidency  Media and Public Opinion
    Last Aired

    Vietnam and the Presidency: Media and Public Opinion

    Moderated by Mr. Williams, the panelists discussed the topic, “The Media and the Role of Public Opinion.” Topics included Vietnam as the first televised war, the changing nature of the war over several years, and…

  • emThe Coldest Winterem
    Last Aired

    The Coldest Winter

    Panelists talked about the life and work of the late David Halberstam, focusing on his final book, The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War, published that day by Hyperion. This history of the…

  • emReporting Vietnamem
    Last Aired

    Reporting Vietnam

    The editors talked about Reporting Vietnam: American Journalism, published by Library of America. Part one, 1959-69, covers combat-front writing, profiles, think pieces and other kinds of journalism.…

  • Vietnam Reconsidered
    Last Aired

    Vietnam Reconsidered

    The forum participants discussed their research into and experiences with the Vietnam War. They also entertained questions from the audience. Ms. FitzGerald’s latest book is Way Out There in the…

  • The US at War in the Nuclear Age
    Last Aired

    The U.S. at War in the Nuclear Age

    The Nation Institute and New School University presented a conversation on “The Deepening Shadow: The U.S. at War in the Nuclear Age” moderated by Chris Hedges. Among the subjects they addressed…

  • emReporting Vietnamem Panel 1
    Last Aired

    Reporting Vietnam Panel 1

    Panelists discussed the book, Reporting Vietnam, published by Library of America. The book is about the role of journalism in the conduct of the Vietnam War.

  • Post World War II America
    Last Aired

    Post World War II America

    Panelists talked about events of great impact on U.S. society since World War II, including the Cold War, the Vietnam conflict and the fall of Communism and the end of the Cold War. Each…

  • Ending the Vietnam War
    Last Aired

    Ending the Vietnam War

    Authors, experts, and historians spoke to the Richard Nixon Symposium at Hofstra University about the Nixon Administration’s decision to end the war in Vietnam. In many ways, the panelists…