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  • Tom Steyer on Impeachment Efforts
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    Tom Steyer on Impeachment Efforts

    Tom Steyer, a billionaire political activist and Democratic donor, argued the legal case for impeachment of President Trump. Mr. Steyer was joined by two law professors as well as activists…

  • Campaign Finance and Free Speech
    Last Aired

    Campaign Finance and Free Speech

    Two legal analysts debated the merits of the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizen’s United ruling that gave corporations and labor unions the ability to spend unlimited amounts of money in political campaigns.…

  • Responses to emCitizens United v Federal Election Commissionem
    Last Aired

    Responses to Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

    Panelists spoke about the influence of corporate money in politics, the response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case Citizens United v. Federal Communications Commission, and strategies to…

  • Downing Street Minutes and PreWar Intelligence
    Last Aired

    Downing Street Minutes and Pre-War Intelligence

    Rep. John Conyers, Jr., and other Democrats hold a public meeting concerning the “Downing Street Memo” and pre-war intelligence on Iraq. Witnesses attending the meeting talked about the…

  • Voting Irregularities in Ohio
    Last Aired

    Voting Irregularities in Ohio

    Members and witnesses testified before an ad hoc committee on voting irregularities in the Ohio 2004 elections. Among the topics they addressed were civil rights issues, variations in…

  • Campaign Finance Oral Arguments
    Last Aired

    Campaign Finance Oral Arguments

    During a break in oral arguments on a case involving campaign finance legislation, advocates for both sides of the argument spoke to reporters outside the Supreme Court about the case and…

  • Financing Primary Elections
    Last Aired

    Financing Primary Elections

    Participants talked about a recent report on the role of big money in the 2002 primary elections. The report examined which candidates raised significant amounts of money and the sources of…

  • emBuckley v Valeoem Debate
    Last Aired

    Buckley v. Valeo Debate

    The participants, including Mr. Gora who was an attorney in the case, debated the 1976 Supreme Court decision in Buckley v. Valeo which held that campaign contributions are a form of free…

  • Campaign Finance Reform
    Last Aired

    Campaign Finance Reform

    Guests discussed political action committees and proposals to require public financing of campaigns. Miller recently wrote that election 1994 is the “Year of the Millionaire.” She favors public…

  • PAC Spending in 1992
    Last Aired

    PAC Spending in 1992

    Mr. Bonifaz discussed the role of private money in campaigns and in determining legislative priorities. He indicated that this is one of the greatest problems “plaguing our political…

  • Congressional Reform Issues
    Last Aired

    Congressional Reform Issues

    This forum focused on campaign finance reform and congressional mailing privileges. Several ideas were discussed to effect congressional reform. The Coalition to End Permanent Congress was…

  • Campaign Finance Reform
    Last Aired

    Campaign Finance Reform

    Mr. Bonifaz discussed the constitutional issues behind the campaign finance reform package currently before the Senate. He argued in favor of total public financing for elections, arguing…