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  • Cable Television Deregulation
    Last Aired

    Cable Television Deregulation

    Participants spoke to reporters about a report charging the cable industry with monopolistic policies and price gouging. They also talked about the failure of cable deregulation and the…

  • Media Ownership Issues
    Last Aired

    Media Ownership Issues

    Commissioners Copps and Adelstein held a meeting for public advocates to express their concerns of proposals before the Federal Communications Commission to change rules governing media…

  • CBS and Viacom Merger
    Last Aired

    CBS and Viacom Merger

    Witnesses testified about a proposed merger between Viacom and CBS. Among the issues they addressed were the growing consolidation of media outlets, maintaining diversity in viewpoint with…

  • Cable Television and Telephone Merger Issues
    Last Aired

    Cable Television and Telephone Merger Issues

    Academic researchers, government policy makers, and private sector experts presented papers on the topic, “1992 Cable TV Act: Freedom of Expression Issues.” The Cable TV Act has been the…

  • emTurner Broadcasting v FCCem
    Last Aired

    Turner Broadcasting v. FCC

    Following the arguments before the Supreme Court, attorneys and others answered questions from reporters outside the Court. The cable television industry is challenging the “must carry”…

  • Cable Television Regulation
    Last Aired

    Cable Television Regulation

    Mr. Farhi and Mr. Jessell discussed the implications of the 1992 Cable Television Act on cable companies, television broadcasters and consumers. The regulations, which go into effect tomorrow, include…

  • CSPAN Broadcast Cable Interface DC Seminar
    Last Aired

    C-SPAN Broadcast Cable Interface D.C. Seminar