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  • Government Shutdown Joint Meeting
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    Government Shutdown Joint Meeting

    The committees heard testimony on the effects of a possible government shutdown if federal budget legislation is not passed by October 1.

  • Republican News Conference
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    Republican News Conference

    Republican representatives talked with reporters about their proposed budget legislation. They stressed that the surplus will be used to save Social Security, pay back part of the federal…

  • 1999 Budget Proposal
    Last Aired

    1999 Budget Proposal

    Committee members heard testimony regarding President Clinton’s budget proposal for fiscal year 1999. The president released the budget, which is nearly one and three-quarters of a trillion…

  • 1999 Budget Outlook
    Last Aired

    1999 Budget Outlook

    Republican budget committee chairmen reacted to the new initiatives outlined by the president in his State of the Union message. They stated that the outlines of his budget proposal in his…

  • Republican Response
    Last Aired

    Republican Response

    Rep. Franks talked about the importance of passing the Balanced Budget Amendment. He stressed that it was important to protect the economic well-being of future generations and urged…

  • Budget Reconciliation Debate
    Last Aired

    Budget Reconciliation Debate

    Members debated the budget reconciliation package for three hours even before the rule for this debate had been passed by the Rules Committee for debate in the full House.

  • Federal Budget Resolution Rule Debate
    Last Aired

    Federal Budget Resolution Rule Debate

    On Wednesday, the House began debate on the 1996 budget resolution. The plan leads to a balanced budget by 2002.

  • Republican Budget Alternative
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    Republican Budget Alternative

    Republican representatives, including Representative Kasich, discussed the Republican alternative budget plan. The plan includes a welfare reform plan, crime legislation, health care…

  • Budget Reconciliation Legislation
    Last Aired

    Budget Reconciliation Legislation

    The guests, both members of the House Budget Committee and the budget reconciliation conference committee, discussed the negotiation process in the conference committee on the Fiscal Year…

  • Budget Reconciliation General Debate
    Last Aired

    Budget Reconciliation General Debate

    In an excerpt from the session of the House, members debated the Clinton administration’s deficit reduction plan due to come up for a vote later in the day.