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  • US Economy and Federal Debt
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    U.S. Economy and Federal Debt

    Ben Bernanke made the keynote address at a conference on the U.S. economy and the federal debt ceiling. In his remarks he said that “failing to raise the debt ceiling in a timely way would be…

  • Federal Budget Deficit Reduction
    Last Aired

    Federal Budget Deficit Reduction

    The Aspen Institute hosted a forum on reducing the federal budget deficit with panelists from a wide variety of viewpoints, including Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax reform, a member of…

  • Building Wealth in Our Communities
    Last Aired

    Building Wealth in Our Communities

    Mr. Raines spoke about several programs which Fannie Mae had instituted in order provide low-income housing and help build economies in low-income neighborhoods. He also talked about future…

  • Economic Development
    Last Aired

    Economic Development

    The panel talked about opportunities for economic advancement and development in minority communities and for women. They responded to questions from the audience.

  • Anniversary of Congressional Budget Act
    Last Aired

    Anniversary of Congressional Budget Act

    In a tribute to Senator Domemici, participants discussed passage of the Congressional Budget Act and the efforts over the years to balance the budget. Those who could not attend sent…

  • The Global Economy and America
    Last Aired

    The Global Economy and America

    Participants discussed how global trade effects the U.S. economy. They focused on the overproduction of goods in the world which resulted in price increases. They also discussed the need…

  • Investment in LowIncome Communities Panel 1
    Last Aired

    Investment in Low-Income Communities Panel 1

    In the first panel the speakers talked about the condition of people in low income communities and how companies can invest in businesses to employ these people and serve their needs.

  • Office of Management  Budget News Conference
    Last Aired

    Office of Management & Budget News Conference

    Director Raines talked about the Republican budget resolution offered by Rep. Kasich. Rep. Spratt and other members of Congress gave their comments and answered questions from the media.

  • Government Performance and Results Act Part 2
    Last Aired

    Government Performance and Results Act Part 2

    Officials from the Clinton administration, members of Congress and congressional staff talked about the Government Performance and Results Act, which passed the House earlier this year.…

  • OMB Director Transition
    Last Aired

    OMB Director Transition

    Before departing for Houston, President Clinton held a brief news conference to announce a change in the administration. He announced that Franklin Raines is resigning as Director of the…

  • Year 2000 Computer Problem
    Last Aired

    Year 2000 Computer Problem

    White House officials briefed reporters on the impact of the Year 2000 computer problem, especially on small businesses. They spoke about how the president’s council on the issue will help…

  • Democratic Agenda and AfricanAmericans
    Last Aired

    Democratic Agenda and African-Americans

    Mr. Raines spoke to young African-American Democratic leaders. He spoke about the president’s economic accomplishments and how these have impacted African-Americans. He also stressed the…

  • Improving Government Service
    Last Aired

    Improving Government Service

    Members of the National Governors' Association met in Washington, DC, and wrapped up their four day winter meeting with a forum on improving government service. Rep. Kasich and Mr. Raines…

  • Budget Issues
    Last Aired

    Budget Issues

    Mr. Raines discussed highlights of President Clinton’s fiscal year 1999 budget proposal. He also talked about the demise of the federal budget deficit, the creation of fiscal policy and…

  • 1999 Budget Proposal
    Last Aired

    1999 Budget Proposal

    Committee members heard testimony regarding President Clinton’s budget proposal for fiscal year 1999. The president released the budget, which is nearly one and three-quarters of a trillion…

  • 1999 Budget
    Last Aired

    1999 Budget

    Administration officials discussed elements of President Clinton’s balanced budget proposal and answered questions from the press.

  • 1999 Budget Deficit
    Last Aired

    1999 Budget Deficit

    Mr. Raines and Mr. Sperling took reporters' questions about President Clinton’s announcement earlier in the day that he planned to submit a balanced budget for fiscal year 1999. They…

  • Political Issues
    Last Aired

    Political Issues

    After appearing on “Meet the Press,” Mr. Raines talked briefly with reporters. Questions focused on Social Security reform and the president’s Medicare expansion proposal.

  • Life and Career of Franklin Raines
    Last Aired

    Life and Career of Franklin Raines

    Franklin Raines talked about his life and governmental career in his office. He talked about his childhood in Seattle, the influences on his life and his career in government. He also…

  • Clinton Administration Economic Policy
    Last Aired

    Clinton Administration Economic Policy

    Mr. Raines reviewed the Clinton administration’s economic and fiscal policies over the past five years. He stressed the budgetary savings created by administration policies as compared to…

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