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  • Private Sector Jobs
    Last Aired

    Private Sector Jobs

    Martin Regalia talked about the role of private sector in job creation, and the relationship between the private sector and government in creating an environment for job growth. He responded to telephone…

  • Labor Day Briefing
    Last Aired

    Labor Day Briefing

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce held it annual Labor Day briefing to outline the top economic and workplace issues for businesses. Topics included the potential looming tax increases, federal…

  • Martin Regalia on White House Jobs Summit
    Last Aired

    Martin Regalia on White House Jobs Summit

    Martin Regalia talked about the White House jobs summit and efforts to create jobs across the country. He responded to telephone calls and electronic communications.

  • Economic Outlook and Employment
    Last Aired

    Economic Outlook and Employment

    Martin Regalia and Randy Johnson briefed reporters and answered questions on current economic outlook and employment indicators. They predicted that the economy would continue to grow at a…

  • Impact of Financial Markets Bill Rejection
    Last Aired

    Impact of Financial Markets Bill Rejection

    Martin Regalia talked about the business community response to the House vote on the financial markets bill, and what impact the bill’s failure may have on the business community. The…

  • Economic Outlook for the Small Business Community
    Last Aired

    Economic Outlook for the Small Business Community

    Martin Regalia spoke on the “Economic Outlook for the Small Business Community.” Among the issues he addressed were federal economic policies, the state of the economy, and challenges…

  • Labor Immigration and Economic Priorities
    Last Aired

    Labor, Immigration, and Economic Priorities

    The United States Chamber of Commerce gave its annual Labor Day briefing on the economy and the Chamber’s labor priorities as Congress returns for its Fall session, including immigration…

  • State of the Economy
    Last Aired

    State of the Economy

    The topics of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s annual Labor Day assessment included the state of the economy, the outlook for immigration reform, and the nation’s pension crisis. Spokesmen talked…

  • Employment Immigration and the Economy
    Last Aired

    Employment, Immigration, and the Economy

    Panelists discussed the economic impact of immigration. They reviewed recently released economic and employment information, and responded to questions from the audience.

  • Loss of Manufacturing Jobs
    Last Aired

    Loss of Manufacturing Jobs

    Leaders of labor groups talked about whether the U.S. is exporting jobs to other countries. What policies could be developed to slow this trend and to begin creating jobs in U.S.…

  • Labor Day Economic Briefing
    Last Aired

    Labor Day Economic Briefing

    Mr. Regalia and Mr. Johnson spoke to business leaders about the state of the economy, employment policy, immigration and economic recovery issues. Following their remarks they answered…

  • 2003 Economic Forecast
    Last Aired

    2003 Economic Forecast

    Mr. Regalia talked to reporters about a report on the state of the U.S. economy. He also commented on changes in President Bush’s economic team and recommendations for short-term stimulus…

  • Offshore Tax Havens
    Last Aired

    Offshore Tax Havens

    Witnesses testified about financial tactics used by several companies to avoid paying U.S. taxes by moving assets to off-shore holdings. Among the topics they addressed were various abusive types of…

  • Labor Policy Priorities
    Last Aired

    Labor Policy Priorities

    Participants spoke to reporters about the latest workforce indicators and their impact on the U.S. economic outlook. They also outlined the Chamber’s labor policy priorities for the…

  • Tax Cut Proposal
    Last Aired

    Tax Cut Proposal

    Mr. Regalia talked about headline news stories at the business outlook and perspective on the president’s purposed tax plan. He also responded to audience phone calls, faxes, and electronic…

  • Workforce Policy Priorities
    Last Aired

    Workforce Policy Priorities

    Chamber of Commerce officials talked with reporters about workforce policy priorities to promote flexible business operations and ensure continued economic growth. They outlined the…

  • Status of Interest Rates
    Last Aired

    Status of Interest Rates

    Participants discussed whether the Federal Reserve Bank should be targeting inflation or stock market values, and whether economic dynamics which had generated higher inflation in the past have been…

  • Economic Prosperity and Workers
    Last Aired

    Economic Prosperity and Workers

    Panel members talked about the U.S. economy and business growth, and what it means to workers. They stated that unemployment is at an all-time low, interest rates are low, inflation is “non-existent,”…

  • Inheritance Taxes
    Last Aired

    Inheritance Taxes

    Participants spoke about estate taxes saying that they were ineffective, unfair, and costly to administrate. They urged that they be eliminated and argued that such action would help the…

  • Tax Limitation Constitutional Amendment
    Last Aired

    Tax Limitation Constitutional Amendment

    Panelists discussed a proposed tax limitation Constitutional Amendment which will be voted on when the U.S. House of Representatives returns on April 15.

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