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  • Status of the Young Conservative Movement
    Last Aired

    Status of the Young Conservative Movement

    A panel discussion was held on the status of the young conservative movement. The panel talked about the repressive society created by liberals, the liberal bias in universities, and methods for…

  • Republican Congressional Agenda
    Last Aired

    Republican Congressional Agenda

    Paul Weyrich moderated a panel to examine policy and strategy implications for conservatives based on the results of the 2006 midterm elections. After each panelist made a presentation they answered…

  • Social Issues in 1996
    Last Aired

    Social Issues in 1996

    Col. North and others discussed social issues from a conservative perspective. THIS PROGRAM HAS ONLY ONE AIRING AND IS MISSING 4 MINUTES AT THE BEGINNING.

  • Republican Opposition to Powell Candidacy
    Last Aired

    Republican Opposition to Powell Candidacy

    Eleven conservative leaders spoke with reporters about their opposition to a possible Colin Powell presidential candidacy and about other conservative Republican topics. Following their…

  • 1996 Presidential Election
    Last Aired

    1996 Presidential Election

    Panelists discussed the impact of the 1994 elections and their relationship to the 1996 presidential campaign, as well as how conservatives can continue to make their opinions felt in…

  • Inspiring and Superior Ideas of Conservatism
    Last Aired

    Inspiring and Superior Ideas of Conservatism

    Mr. Kemp saluted the activist conservatives who have brought about the downfall of communism and socialism overseas. He called himself a voice of empowerment for urban people who have been trapped by the…