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  • Evolution of Presidential Debates
    Last Aired

    Evolution of Presidential Debates

    Stephen Farnsworth, Robert Lichter, Rob Richie, and Carolyn Curiel talked about the evolution of presidential debates. They discussed the candidates' performances in the first two…

  • Robert Lichter on Television Newscasts
    Last Aired

    Robert Lichter on Television Newscasts

    Robert Lichter spoke with students about old and new media in American politics. He talked about his concerns over the way the news covers politics and campaign elections and changes in the way…

  • The Media and Values
    Last Aired

    The Media and Values

    A panel discussion was held on a survey of how American’s moral values are influenced by the media. Topics included the correlation between adults' exposure to television and their acceptance of…

  • After Words with Andrea Mitchell
    Last Aired

    After Words with Andrea Mitchell

    Andrea Mitchell, chief foreign correspondent for NBC News, discussed her career in journalism and her memoir Talking Back: Presidents, Dictators, and Assorted Scoundrels, published by Viking. She…

  • Violence and Local News
    Last Aired

    Violence and Local News

    Panelists discussed news coverage of crime. They particularly examined the increasing news coverage of crime and violence while crime rates have remained constant or decreased. They also…

  • What Do People Want From the Media
    Last Aired

    What Do People Want From the Media?

    Participants briefed reporters on a recent survey of public opinions of the media. The poll was taken of 3,000 individuals in November. The survey indicates that people believe the media…

  • Television Violence
    Last Aired

    Television Violence

    The committee examined ways to restrict the airing of violent television shows in the home. Members of Congress first talked about legislation they intend to introduce which would require…

  • emThe Media Eliteem
    Last Aired

    The Media Elite

    Bob Lichter discussed the book he co-authored, The Media Elite, which looks at journalists and their reporting. He answered questions from viewers.