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  • Joel Klein on emLessons of Hopeem
    Last Aired

    Lessons of Hope

    Joel Klein, former chancellor of the New York City school system, talked about his book, Lessons of Hope: How to Fix Our Schools, in which he examines what the city did to improve public…

  • Education and National Security
    Last Aired

    Education and National Security

    Condoleezza Rice and Joel Klein talked about the Council on Foreign Relations report they co-authored on the links between national security and education reform. Topics included higher…

  • The Education Debate
    Last Aired

    The Education Debate

    Educator and author Steve Perry talked with fellow author Joel Klein about his latest book, what he calls a solution-oriented manifesto to better education in the U.S., including how to get…

  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act
    Last Aired

    Elementary and Secondary Education Act

    Education officials testified on the re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. They focused on several programs they had instituted in the various states and their…

  • Rally for Education Equality
    Last Aired

    Rally for Education Equality

    The Close the Gap: Equality in Education Rally was held on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision. Various civil rights leaders and education reformers…

  • AfricanAmericans and Education
    Last Aired

    African-Americans and Education

    A panel discussion was held on meeting educational challenges for African Americans in the 21st century, and the significance of President Obama. Panelists talked about what they would tell the President to refresh education…

  • State of American Education
    Last Aired

    State of American Education

    National Education Summit

  • High School Education Summit
    Last Aired

    High School Education Summit

    In the opening portion of an educational summit on the need to improve secondary education, Brian Kelly and William Swope gave welcoming remarks and outlined the focus of the forum.…

  • Reforming Urban Schools
    Last Aired

    Reforming Urban Schools

    Joel Klein offered his ideas on how to reform urban schools. His goal was to create a system of great schools rather than a great school system. One method to achieve this goal was to…

  • Improving the Quality of Teachers
    Last Aired

    Improving the Quality of Teachers

    Witnesses testified about educational achievement, methods for improved learning, and retention of high quality teachers. Topics included the effect of the No Child Left Behind Act,…

  • Local Perspectives on High School Dropouts
    Last Aired

    Local Perspectives on High School Dropouts

    School superintendents and district educators spoke about high school dropout rates and possible means of improving graduation rates. They talked about investments in infrastructure and students, community…

  • No Child Left Behind Hearing on Testing
    Last Aired

    No Child Left Behind Hearing on Testing

    Witnesses testified in the second in a series of regional hearings on the No Child Left Behind Act. Several Connecticut officials talked about the debate in that state over testing and how…

  • Microsoft Antitrust Ruling Reaction
    Last Aired

    Microsoft Antitrust Ruling Reaction

    Justice Department officials briefed reporters on the anti-trust lawsuit ruling against the Microsoft Corporation imposed by U.S. District Judge Thomas Pinfield Jackson. The ruling ordered…

  • Microsoft Settlement
    Last Aired

    Microsoft Settlement

    Mr. Klein talked about the recent ruling by a federal judge that Microsoft has repeatedly broken federal antitrust laws. Specifically, he talked about the Department of Justices proposal to…

  • Antitrust Laws at the Turn of the Century
    Last Aired

    Antitrust Laws at the Turn of the Century

    Mr. Klein talked about the Justice Department’s antitrust efforts. He said their goal was to ensure competitiveness in markets and detailed their efforts to break up cartels. He also spoke…

  • Microsoft Antitrust Ruling
    Last Aired

    Microsoft Antitrust Ruling

    Attorney General Reno and others spoke to reporters about a federal judge’s decision which found that Microsoft violated the Sherman Antitrust Act and used its monopoly to adversely affect…

  • Microsoft Antitrust Ruling Reaction
    Last Aired

    Microsoft Antitrust Ruling Reaction

    The participants praised a federal court ruling that the software corporation Microsoft is a monopoly. After their prepared remarks they took questions from the media.

  • Justice Powell Memorial Tribute
    Last Aired

    Justice Powell Memorial Tribute

    Federal judges, former law clerks and friends of Justice Powell paid tribute to his achievements while on the Supreme Court and his relationships with members of his staff.

  • Airlines Antitrust Lawsuit
    Last Aired

    Airlines Antitrust Lawsuit

    Attorney General Reno and Mr. Klein announced that the Justice Department would prosecute American Airlines for violating antitrust laws. They said the company had purposely lost money in…

  • AntiTrust Suit against Visa and Mastercard
    Last Aired

    Anti-Trust Suit against Visa and Mastercard

    Attorney General Reno discussed the anti-trust suit that the Justice Department filed against Visa and Mastercard for violating the Sherman Anti-trust act. She stated the companies have…

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