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  • Military Reorganization
    Last Aired

    Military Reorganization

    General Jones spoke about U.S. Force reorganization and global security issues. He also talked about the impact of technology on the future of warfare and challenges for military personnel…

  • Transformation to a Changing World
    Last Aired

    Transformation to a Changing World

    Military service chiefs talked about transforming the U.S. military to meet future challenges to national and international security. Among the topics they addressed were force integration,…

  • National Security Challenges
    Last Aired

    National Security Challenges

    Officials and security experts talked about a broad range on national security threats, including transnational terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, proliferation issues, fundamentalist…

  • Future of the Marine Corps
    Last Aired

    Future of the Marine Corps

    General Jones talked about the Marine Corps' role in the war on terrorism, the future of the Corps under transformation, and his possible nomination to be Supreme Allied Commander of…

  • US Marine Corps Operations
    Last Aired

    U.S. Marine Corps Operations

    General Jones talked about issues affecting the U.S. Marine Corps. Among the topics he addressed were the integration of new technologies, operating within the naval force structure, and…

  • Future of the US Military
    Last Aired

    Future of the U.S. Military

    Military chiefs testified about funding requests for military operations, research and development, and future programs. Among the topics they addressed were military operations in…

  • Department of Defense Authorization
    Last Aired

    Department of Defense Authorization

    Service secretaries and military chiefs testified about funding needs in the Department of Defense. Among the topics they addressed were improving military infrastructure, financial…

  • V22 Osprey Program
    Last Aired

    V-22 Osprey Program

    Witnesses testified about the safety of the V-22 Osprey program. At issue were several recent crashes by the aircraft, future spending commitments, and reliability. Officials said that a…

  • State of the Armed Services
    Last Aired

    State of the Armed Services

    Military chiefs testified about the current state of training and readiness in the Armed Forces, and future military requirements. Among the issues they addressed were the toll of increased…

  • Strategic  Nuclear Force Requirements
    Last Aired

    Strategic Nuclear Force Requirements

    Military officials testified about potential strategic arms reduction agreements between the U.S. and Russia. Among the issues they addressed were the strategic implications of such action,…

  • Vieques Naval Warfare Center
    Last Aired

    Vieques Naval Warfare Center

    Navy and Marine officials talk to reporters about Secretary Cohen’s recommendation to suspend training operations on the Puerto Rican Island of Vieques. They focused on growing tensions…

  • General Status of US Armed Forces
    Last Aired

    General Status of U.S. Armed Forces

    Service chiefs testified about the readiness and strength of the U.S. military. Among the issues they addressed were military pay and retention rates, the effects of military and peacekeeping missions…

  • Why Is There A Marine Corps
    Last Aired

    Why Is There A Marine Corps?

    General Jones talked about the mission of the Marine Corps. He focused on the need for equipment modernization, and their role in foreign affairs. After his prepared remarks he answered…

  • Naval Training Facility in Vieques Puerto Rico
    Last Aired

    Naval Training Facility in Vieques, Puerto Rico

    Witnesses testified about resuming live firing exercises on a U.S. Navy firing range on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico. A presidential panel recommended that the military resume the…

  • Status of the US Marine Corps
    Last Aired

    Status of the U.S. Marine Corps

    General Jones talked about the role of the Marine Corps in the military, its operational missions, and operational readiness. After his remarks he answered questions from the audience.