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  • Discussion on Slavery and the Confederate Flag
    Last Aired

    Slavery and the Confederate Flag

    Professor Spencer Crew talked about the Confederate flag’s history in relation to the legacy of slavery and addressed the question, “Should the Confederate flag fly above government…

  • 150th Anniversary of John Browns Raid on Harpers Ferry
    Last Aired

    150th Anniversary of John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry

    On October 16, 1859, John Brown and 21 followers went to Harpers Ferry, Virginia, to strike a blow against slavery. The raid failed, but ignited the slavery debate. Sixteen months later, the United States erupted…

  • Race Slavery and the Civil War
    Last Aired

    Race, Slavery and the Civil War

    Historians discussed the experiences of both enslaved and free blacks during the Civil War. After the presentations, which included illustrations, the panelists responded to questions submitted by members of the audience. Professor Horton moderated. Spencer…

  • The Underground Railroad  Journey to Freedom
    Last Aired

    The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom

    Mr. Crew delivered the Fredric Miller Memorial Lecture as the opening program for the National Constitution Center’s upcoming exhibit, “Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War.” He…