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  • Washington Journal Rob Richie Discusses Election Reform  Gerrymandering
    Last Aired

    Rob Richie on Election Reform and Gerrymandering

    FairVote’s Rob Richie talked about the recent Supreme Court decision regarding partisan gerrymandering and the group’s effort to push for nationwide ranked choice voting. FairVote is a…

  • Washington Journal Rob Richie Discusses RankedChoice Voting  Election Reform
    Last Aired

    Rob Richie on Ranked-Choice Voting and Election Reform

    FairVote’s Rob Richie, a non-partisan group that advocates for election reform, discussed the potential of ranked-choice voting going nationwide. A ranked-choice voting system (RCV) is an…

  • Washington Journal Krist Novoselic and Rob Richie Discuss Election Reform Efforts
    Last Aired

    Krist Novoselic and Rob Richie on Election Reform Efforts

    Krist Novoselic, founding member of the 90s band Nirvana and Rob Richie, Executive Director of, talked about FairVote’s 25th anniversary and the organization’s election reform…

  • Discussion on the US Election Process
    Last Aired

    U.S. Election Process and Political Reform

    Panelists talked about the U.S. election process, state primary laws, the two-party system, and the future of the independent movement. “Can We Make Political Reform Popular with the American People?” was a…

  • US Electoral System and Congressional Gridlock
    Last Aired

    U.S. Electoral System and Congressional Gridlock

    Rob Richie talked about his FairVote group’s view that the U.S. electoral system and antiquated voting laws were contributing to congressional gridlock. He also responded to telephone calls and…

  • Forum Looks at Gender Parity in Political Office
    Last Aired

    Women in Elected Office

    FairVote presented its 50-state review of women’s representation at all levels of U.S. government. Among the findings was that the U.S. ranked 92nd internationally in the percentage of…

  • Evolution of Presidential Debates
    Last Aired

    Evolution of Presidential Debates

    Stephen Farnsworth, Robert Lichter, Rob Richie, and Carolyn Curiel talked about the evolution of presidential debates. They discussed the candidates' performances in the first two…

  • Rob Richie on the Election Process
    Last Aired

    Rob Richie on the Election Process

    Rob Richie talked about the American electoral processes. Topics included the electoral college and the popular vote, reform of the process at a state level, and the primary process. He…

  • The Electoral College
    Last Aired

    The Electoral College

    Rob Richie and John Samples about why the electoral college was created and how it influences the nature and strategy of elections. Mr. Richie’s organization is working to elect the…

  • Corporate Accountability
    Last Aired

    Corporate Accountability

    Panelists talked about regulation and control of corporations in the public interest. They spoke about multinational corporation operations, their growth as a dominant institution in the global…

  • Election of the President by Popular Vote
    Last Aired

    Election of the President by Popular Vote

    Participants spoke to reporters about a proposal to change election laws in several states in order to ensure that the outcome of presidential elections reflected the popular vote. They…

  • Presidential Debates Lawsuit
    Last Aired

    Presidential Debates Lawsuit

    Participants talked to reporters about a complaint they would file with the Internal Revenue Service against the Commission on Presidential Debates. The complaint charged that the…

  • Presidential Debates Complaint Filing
    Last Aired

    Presidential Debates Complaint Filing

    Participants talked about the process of conducting presidential debates, the role of the Commission on Presidential Debates, and the purposeful exclusion of independent candidates. They also…

  • US House Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    U.S. House Midterm Elections

    Mr. Richie talked about the results of campaign polling, predictions in various House races, and the potential for shift of control of the House. Following his remarks he answered questions…

  • Election 2000 Issues
    Last Aired

    Election 2000 Issues

    Mr. Richie talked about the significance of early election returns, exit polls, and the accuracy of election predictions. Among the topics he addressed were likely results of some…

  • House Election 2000
    Last Aired

    House Election 2000

    Experts predict the winners of the 2000 House of Representatives races and review open seats and the most vulnerable incumbents.

  • Green Politics and Inclusive Democracy
    Last Aired

    Green Politics and Inclusive Democracy

    Panel members talked about the platform of the Green Party, including environmental responsibility and peace initiatives. They talked about the rise of third parties, how best to get…

  • Is Politics Broken
    Last Aired

    Is Politics Broken?

    Participants discussed the problems and dilemmas in United States politics. This forum discussed term limits and what impact they could have on government. Law professors, academics and…

  • Monopoly Politics
    Last Aired

    Monopoly Politics

    Mr. Richie released a report on the 1998 House elections. He examined the conditions for such a high incumbent victory rate, including campaign finance and especially the demographics of…

  • Competitiveness in 1996 House Elections
    Last Aired

    Competitiveness in 1996 House Elections

    Mr. Richie briefed reporters on the relationship between the lack of competitiveness in many congressional elections and voter participation and interest. He also talked about how campaigns…

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