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  • Washington Journal Rob Richie Discusses Election Reform  Gerrymandering
    Last Aired

    Rob Richie on Election Reform and Gerrymandering

    FairVote’s Rob Richie talked about the recent Supreme Court decision regarding partisan gerrymandering and the group’s effort to push for nationwide ranked choice voting. FairVote is a…

  • Washington Journal Rob Richie Discusses RankedChoice Voting  Election Reform
    Last Aired

    Rob Richie on Ranked-Choice Voting and Election Reform

    FairVote’s Rob Richie, a non-partisan group that advocates for election reform, discussed the potential of ranked-choice voting going nationwide. A ranked-choice voting system (RCV) is an…

  • Monopoly Politics
    Last Aired

    Monopoly Politics

    Mr. Richie released a report on the 1998 House elections. He examined the conditions for such a high incumbent victory rate, including campaign finance and especially the demographics of…

  • Race and Political Empowerment
    Last Aired

    Race and Political Empowerment

    The panelists discussed such civil rights issues as voting rights, and the question of gerrymandering in an effort to redraw districts to increase minority representation. After this…