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  • Mitchell v Helms
    Last Aired

    Mitchell v. Helms

    Supreme Court scholars and journalists participated in a moot court argument regarding the case Mitchell vs. Helms, which the Supreme Court heard on December 1, 1999. The case focused on…

  • Tobacco Products Regulation
    Last Aired

    Tobacco Products Regulation

    Participants talked about the upcoming Supreme Court case, Food and Drug Administration v. Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company. They focused on if the Food and Drug Administration has the…

  • Chicago v Morales
    Last Aired

    Chicago v. Morales

    Supreme Court scholars and journalists take part in a moot court argument on the case, Chicago v. Morales, which the Supreme Court will hear next week. The case is about a Chicago ordinance…

  • emPiscataway v Taxmanem Moot Court
    Last Aired

    Piscataway v. Taxman Moot Court

    In a moot court, the participants argued the Piscataway v. Taxman case which is on the Supreme Court docket for the 1997-98 term. It deals with race and employment. A white teacher sued the…

  • emClinton v Jonesem Moot Court
    Last Aired

    Clinton v. Jones Moot Court

    Attorneys argued the case of Clinton v. Jones before a panel of Supreme Court journalists who served as the judges. The Supreme Court on January 13 heard the arguments in the case in which…

  • Year in the Life of the Supreme Court
    Last Aired

    Year in the Life of the Supreme Court

    The panelists are journalists who cover the U.S. Supreme Court wrote a book about the cases from the 1995 term entitled A Year in the Life of the Supreme Court. They talked about the book…

  • Congressional Term Limits
    Last Aired

    Congressional Term Limits

    As part of the college’s annual preview of the U.S. Supreme Court term, journalists and professors participated in a mock court arguing their version of U.S. Term Limits v. Thornton. This…

  • Press Coverage of the Judiciary
    Last Aired

    Press Coverage of the Judiciary

    Reporters who cover the federal court system participated in a forum sponsored by the Institute of Bill of Rights Law at the College of William and Mary Law School.

  • Supreme Court Preview
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Preview

    In a briefing during a forum at the College of William and Mary, the panel of journalists and law professors previewed the 1992-93 Supreme Court docket. The forum was sponsored by the…

  • Supreme Court Roundtable
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Roundtable

    Reporters discussed what they expect covering the new Chief Justice William Rehnquist court and what cases may be heard.