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  • Washington Journal Middle East History
    Last Aired

    Sunni-Shiite Conflict in Iraq

    Shibley Telhami talked about the history of Islamic sects in Iraq. Topics included the differences between Sunnis, Shias, and the Kurds. He also discussed the history of Sharia law and the…

  • Shibley Telhami on Egypt Presidential Elections
    Last Aired

    Shibley Telhami on Egypt Presidential Elections

    Shibley Telhami spoke about the Election process in Egypt and early results of the first democratic elections in Egypt after the fall of the Mubarak regime. He responded to telephone calls…

  • Future of the Middle East
    Last Aired

    Future of the Middle East

    Shibley Telhami talked about his perspective on the future of the Middle East Region. Mr. Telhami recently returned from the Middle East where he met with officials and gave several lectures on…

  • Lebanese Election Results
    Last Aired

    Lebanese Election Results

    Shilbey Telhami spoke about election results in Lebanon in which the pro-Western government retained power despite a strong challenge from Hezbollah. He talked about the potential impact of…

  • Annual Arab Public Opinion Poll
    Last Aired

    Annual Arab Public Opinion Poll

    Shibley Telhami spoke about an annual Arab public opinion poll. The survey was conducted in five countries and examined issues such as the Middle East Peace Process, Iran and Iraq. He also…

  • British Immigration Policy Announcement
    Last Aired

    British Immigration Policy Announcement

    Mr. Telhami talked about British Prime Minister Blair’s announcement that Great Britain would not allow those who preach extremist Islamic messages to enter the country. He said that the…

  • Palestinian Elections
    Last Aired

    Palestinian Elections

    Shibley Telhami talked about the Palestinian elections. He talked about the security of the voters. He also talked about the different candidates that were running.