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  • MacArthur Hirohito and Famine in Postwar Japan
    Last Aired

    MacArthur, Hirohito, and Famine in Postwar Japan

    Richard Frank talked about America’s post-World War II occupation of Japan. Mr. Frank spoke about General Douglas MacArthur’s relationship with Emperor Hirohito, and efforts to set up food distribution…

  • Victory Over Japan Day Commemoration
    Last Aired

    V-J Day 70th Anniversary Commemoration

    A ceremony was held at the National World War II Memorial commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Allied Forces Victory in the Pacific and the effective end of World War II. The Empire of Japan formally…

  • Discussion on the Fall of the Japanese Empire
    Last Aired

    Fall of the Japanese Empire

    Richard Frank, author of Downfall: The End of the Imperial Japanese Empire, spoke about the events leading up to Japan’s surrender at the end of World War II. He talked about American and…

  • Pacific War Turning Point
    Last Aired

    Pacific War Turning Point

    Historians talked about the turning point in the Pacific theater during World War II. Craig Symonds argued the Battle of Midway was the decisive engagement that shifted momentum in the Allies favor, while Richard…

  • The Atomic Bomb Decision and Preparations
    Last Aired

    The Atomic Bomb: Decision and Preparations

    The panelists discussed the reasons for and necessity of dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. They also highlighted U.S. preparations for an invasion of the Japanese home islands and Japanese…