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  • emThe Tyranny of Dead Ideasem
    Last Aired

    The Tyranny of Dead Ideas

    Matt Miller talked with with Daniel Pink about his book The Tyranny of Dead Ideas: Letting Go of the Old Ways of Thinking to Unleash a New Prosperity (Times Books; January 6, 2009). Mr. Miller contends that the American economy is stuck due to the continued use…

  • Facing Tough Issues Panel
    Last Aired

    Facing Tough Issues Panel

    A panel discussion called “Divided We Stand: Facing Tough Issues” was moderated by Matt Miller. Topics included evolution, religion, Hurricane Katrina, and other issues. The panelists responded…

  • Envisioning Americas Future
    Last Aired

    Envisioning America's Future

    Moderated by Barry Siegel, the panelists talked about America’s political and global future from various perspectives and about their books on the topic. Chris Hedges wrote Losing Moses on the…

  • Civil Society
    Last Aired

    Civil Society

    Moderated by Mr. Kinsley, authors talked about achieving a civil society in the contemporary political culture. They discuss the roles of government, interest groups, individuals, and the media…

  • Are We Making the World Safe for Democracy
    Last Aired

    Are We Making the World Safe for Democracy?

    Five authors debated the question “Are We Making the World Safe for Democracy?” Among the issues they addressed were U.S. foreign policy goals, the history of democratic institutions in the U.S.,…

  • emThe 2 Solutionem
    Last Aired

    The 2% Solution

    After an introduction by Mr. Frum, Mr. Miller talked about his book, The 2% Solution: Fixing America’s Problems in Ways Liberals and Conservatives Can Love, published by PublicAffairs. In the…

  • Middle East Books Panel
    Last Aired

    Middle East Books Panel

    Mr. Miller moderated the panel Cauldron of Turmoil: The Middle East. The panelists discussed the influence of history and religion on people and difficulties in cross-cultural…