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  • Presidents Task Force on 21st Century Policing Part 4
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    President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing, Part 4

    Leaders of several civil rights organizations talked about ways to promote effective crime reduction and build public trust of law enforcement. They spoke at the first meeting of the…

  • Hearing on Criminal Justice and Policing Practices
    Last Aired

    Criminal Justice and Policing Practices

    The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Civil Rights held a hearing on criminal justice and policing practices after recent protests around the country in the wake of deaths of unarmed black men.…

  • Privacy in the Digital Age
    Last Aired

    Privacy in the Digital Age

    Panelists talked about how new technologies have outpaced traditional privacy safeguards and what the possibilities are for updating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) and other electronic…

  • Criminal Justice System
    Last Aired

    Criminal Justice System

    Panelists talked about race and the criminal justice system. Much of the discussion focused on the Trayvon Martin case in Florida in which a white neighborhood watchman shot and killed an…

  • Privacy Domestic Intelligence and Information Sharing
    Last Aired

    Privacy, Domestic Intelligence, and Information Sharing

    A panel discussion was held on protecting individual privacy when intelligence agencies share information. Lisa Graves moderated. “The Way Forward: Privacy and Domestic Intelligence and…

  • AntiTerrorism Legislation
    Last Aired

    Anti-Terrorism Legislation

    The participants announced the formation of a new organization, Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances, to seek congressional review of the most intrusive provisions of the Patriot Act. It…

  • The Patriot Act
    Last Aired

    The Patriot Act

    The guests talked about President Bush’s call for additional Patriot Act provisions. They also discussed the effectiveness of the Patriot Act in the war on terror. Ms. Toensing argued that…

  • Passenger Screening and Privacy Concerns
    Last Aired

    Passenger Screening and Privacy Concerns

    Civil rights activists and privacy advocates spoke about new airline security surveillance techniques and potential invasion of privacy as a result of new technology and regulations. Among…

  • Police Misconduct Attorneys Panel
    Last Aired

    Police Misconduct: Attorneys Panel

    Attorneys talked about the problem of police brutality. Among the topics they addressed were racial profiling, treatment of minorities by police departments, recent tensions over charges of…

  • Law Enforcement Accountability
    Last Aired

    Law Enforcement Accountability

    Participants discussed the problem of racial profiling among some law enforcement officials. They focused on the disproportionate number of African-Americans in prison and the negative…

  • Police Brutality in Minority Communities
    Last Aired

    Police Brutality in Minority Communities

    Caucus members met to address the issue of police brutality. They heard testimonial accounts of brutality from a number of persons, and concluded with recommendations for solutions.