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Constitution William J. Brennan Jr.


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  • emMiranda v Arizonaem Oral Arguments
    Last Aired

    Miranda v. Arizona Oral Arguments

    The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument in the case Miranda v. Arizona, concerning the Fifth Amendment rights of Ernesto Miranda. He signed a confession of kidnapping and rape without…

  • Federal Courts Progress  Prospects
    Last Aired

    Federal Courts: Progress & Prospects

    This event is sponsored by the Bicentennial Conference on the Judiciary Act of 1789. Participants, including two U.S. Supreme Court justices discuss the establishment and role of the…

  • Justice William Brennan
    Last Aired

    Justice William Brennan

    Justice William Brennan discussed legal progress made in the areas of discrimination and civil rights. He also discussed his lengthy and distinguished career in the legal profession, and…

  • Influence of US Constitution
    Last Aired

    Influence of U.S. Constitution

    Justice Brennan said the U.S. Constitution has influenced the world’s view of constitutional law and has been the model of many similar documents worldwide. He also sharply criticized the…

  • Associate Justice William Brennan Jr Speech
    Last Aired

    Associate Justice William Brennan, Jr Speech

    Associate Justice William Brennan, Jr spoke about the Fourteenth Amendment. Due to illness, Justice Brennan was unable to conclude his speech and had a substitute speaker.