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  • Reception for James P Hoffa
    Last Aired

    Reception for James P. Hoffa

    Mr. Hoffa talked about the benefit of cooperation and bipartisanship in policy making and thanked Republican leaders for the reception in his honor.

  • Rally Against Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China
    Last Aired

    Rally Against Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China

    Union leaders and others urged Congress not to enact legislation granting China permanent normal trade relations, saying that such a status would take American jobs, do nothing to curb…

  • Nader Campaign News Conference
    Last Aired

    Nader Campaign News Conference

    Mr. Nader and Mr. Hoffa spoke to reporters about Mr. Nader’s campaign for the Green Party’s presidential nomination. While Mr. Hoffa did not specifically endorse Mr. Nader, he said that he…

  • Transportation Trades Department Convention
    Last Aired

    Transportation Trades Department Convention

    Labor leaders and legislators spoke about the need for solidarity in fighting for working class concerns. Among the issues discussed were trade issues, health care, passing worker-friendly…

  • Teamsters State of the Union Address
    Last Aired

    Teamsters' State of the Union Address

    Mr. Hoffa spoke about the strength to the Teamsters Union, its recent activities and its commitment to supporting labor causes. He also called for better enforcement of labor laws and talked…