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  • 2012 Elections and Workforce Issues
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    2012 Elections and Workforce Issues

    James Hoffa talked about labor issues and the 2012 elections, and the government’s role in advancing the U.S. workforce. He said that labor was under attack and the the 2012 elections wouldl decide the fate of…

  • AFLCIO Turn Around America Rally
    Last Aired

    AFL-CIO Turn Around America Rally

    AFL-CIO leaders and officials addressed union representatives during a rally for Sen. Obama. Topics included labor issues and Sen. Obama’s positions on them. AFL-CIO Turn Around America…

  • Labor Movement Issues
    Last Aired

    Labor Movement Issues

    Leaders of five of the largest AFL-CIO unions announced the creation of the Change to Win Coalition, a new multi-union organization to rebuild the American labor movement and address its…

  • Gephardt Campaign Rally
    Last Aired

    Gephardt Campaign Rally

    Rep. Gephardt received the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Following introductory speeches, he thanked the teamsters for their support and talked about his…

  • Homeland Security
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    Homeland Security

    A group of labor union leaders were at the White House to meet with Homeland Security director Ridge about the proposal for a Department of Homeland Security. They answered questions from…

  • Future of the Teamsters Union
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    Future of the Teamsters Union

    Mr. Hoffa talked about the future of unions in the United States and his efforts to strengthen the Teamsters Union. Topics included federal labor policy, the need for members to vote in…

  • Transportation Trades Department Convention
    Last Aired

    Transportation Trades Department Convention

    Labor leaders and legislators spoke about the need for solidarity in fighting for working class concerns. Among the issues discussed were trade issues, health care, passing worker-friendly…

  • Teamsters State of the Union Address
    Last Aired

    Teamsters' State of the Union Address

    Mr. Hoffa spoke about the strength to the Teamsters Union, its recent activities and its commitment to supporting labor causes. He also called for better enforcement of labor laws and talked…

  • Teamsters President News Conference
    Last Aired

    Teamsters President News Conference

    Mr. Hoffa talked with reporters about his elections as the president of the Teamsters Union and how he hopes to lead the union. He discussed the finances for the union and how they need to…

  • Impeachment Inquiry and Teamsters Election
    Last Aired

    Impeachment Inquiry and Teamsters' Election

    Senator Lott talked about the Senate’s role in the impeachment process. Mr. Hoffa spoke about his win of the presidency of the teamsters and what he plans to do to move the union into the…

  • Teamsters Presidential Election
    Last Aired

    Teamsters Presidential Election

    Mr. Carey declared victory over James P. Hoffa in the Teamsters Union presidential campaign before federal overseers counted all the ballots. He stressed his commitment to rooting out corruption…