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  • Washington Journal Donna Rice Hughes on Melania Trumps Focus on Cyberbullying
    Last Aired

    Donna Rice Hughes on Melania Trump Cyberbullying Platform

    Donna Rice Hughes talked about cyber bullying, which incoming first lady Melania Trump said would be her platform issue after her husband takes the oath of office.

  • Child Online Protection Act
    Last Aired

    Child Online Protection Act

    Following oral arguments in the Ashcroft v. American Civil Liberties Union case Donna Rice Hughes, a member of the Child Online Protection Commission and Ann Beeson, attorney for the…

  • Support for Attorney General Nomination
    Last Aired

    Support for Attorney General Nomination

    A Senate Judiciary Committee hearing will be held next week on the nomination of John Ashcroft to be attorney general. Representatives of conservative women’s groups talked with reporters in…

  • Protecting Children Online
    Last Aired

    Protecting Children Online

    Commission members heard testimony on resources for parents to help reduce access by minors to harmful materials on the Internet. Panelists debated where the laws should be drawn to protect…

  • Internet Predators
    Last Aired

    Internet Predators

    Parents, law enforcement officials and other experts testified before the Children and Families subcommittee, about threats posed to young people by Internet predators and talked about…

  • Youth Violence and the Entertainment Industry
    Last Aired

    Youth Violence and the Entertainment Industry

    Colonel Grossman and other talked to reporters about the harmful effects of the entertainment industry on children. They focused on the easy access to pornography and violence on the…

  • Web Site Safeguards
    Last Aired

    Web Site Safeguards

    The vice president, members of Congress, and computer industry officials briefed reporters on a new on-line resource to help parents safeguard children from adult material on the Internet. The program,…

  • Child Safety and the Internet
    Last Aired

    Child Safety and the Internet

    As part of a conference on Internet use by children, the panelists discussed protecting children from sexually inappropriate material, child pornography and sexual predation.

  • Education and the Internet
    Last Aired

    Education and the Internet

    As part of a conference on Internet use by children, Secretary Riley and others spoke about the need for educating parents, teachers and caregivers about the benefits and the dangers of the…

  • Communications Decency Act Decision
    Last Aired

    Communications Decency Act Decision

    Persons supporting the Communications Decency Act reacted to the Supreme Court decision to declare the law unconstitutional. They stressed that children still need to be protected from…

  • emReno v ACLUem
    Last Aired

    Reno v. ACLU

    Lawyers, litigants and other interested parties from both sides talked with reporters after hearing oral arguments in Reno v. ACLU, in which the Supreme Court will rule on the…