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  • emWall Street Journalem CEO Council Gary Cohn and Democratic Senators
    Last Aired

    Wall Street Journal CEO Council, Gary Cohn and Democratic Senators

    In this portion of the Wall Street Journal annual CEO Council meeting, White House National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn spoke about the Trump administration’s tax reform efforts.…

  • Pfizer CEO Ian Read on the Pharmaceutical Industry
    Last Aired

    Ian Read on the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Ian Read talked about the pharmaceutical industry, drug prices, government regulation, the U.S. tax code, and the future of the health technology industry. topics included the potential for…

  • Wall Street Journal CEO Council Annual Meeting
    Last Aired

    Christine Lagarde on the Global Economy

    Christine Lagarde discussed a range of global economic issues at the Wall Stree Journal CEO Council. She talked about the role of the International Monetary Fund and current economic state…

  • Economy and Financial Markets
    Last Aired

    Economy and Financial Markets

    Brian Moynihan spoke about the U.S. housing market and consumer confidence with Gerard Baker, Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal. This event was part of a Wall Street Journal…

  • European Debt Crisis
    Last Aired

    European Debt Crisis

    Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar gave an overall assessment of the European debt crisis and future of the European Union. He was interviewed by Gerard Baker. “Europe: The Economic Crisis,…

  • House Majority Leader Cantor on the Global Economy Jobs and the Budget Deficit
    Last Aired

    House Majority Leader Cantor on the Global Economy, Jobs, and the Budget Deficit

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was interviewed by Gerard Baker on the global economy, jobs, and the federal budget deficit. In his remarks he said that there was “middle ground” to be…

  • Federal Spending Levels
    Last Aired

    Federal Spending Levels

    Virginia Democrat Mark Warner and Georgia Republican Saxby Chambliss called on business leaders to get more involved in discussions over the country’s fiscal situation. Senator Warner also…

  • Federal Reserve and Interest Rates
    Last Aired

    Federal Reserve and Interest Rates

    Mr. Baker talked about the performance of financial markets and a decision by the Federal Reserve Board on interest rates. He also responded to audience phone calls, faxes, and electronic…

  • Financial News
    Last Aired

    Financial News

    Mr. Baker talked about various financial stories in the news including Internet taxation, rising interest rates, and stock market fluctuations. He also responded to viewer telephone calls,…