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  • Judgment at Agincourt
    Last Aired

    Judgment at Agincourt

    Supreme Court justices and federal judges participated in a moot court trial on the actions of King Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. The court heard an appeal of a ruling that Henry V was…

  • emHow Patriotic is the Patriot Actem
    Last Aired

    How Patriotic is the Patriot Act?

    Mr. Etzioni moderated a discussion on the pros and cons of the Patriot Act. Joining Professor Etzioni for the discussion is former U.S. assistant attorney general Dinh who is currently a…

  • CIA Leak Investigation
    Last Aired

    CIA Leak Investigation

    Professor Dinh spoke about his Wall Street Journal article, “Enough Already,” including the law involved in the CIA leak investigation, the role of the Special Prosecutor, and how the…

  • Terrorism Crimes Prosecution
    Last Aired

    Terrorism Crimes Prosecution

    Attorney-General Ashcroft testified about legislative proposals designed to combat terrorism.

  • Electronic Surveillance Laws
    Last Aired

    Electronic Surveillance Laws

    In the second part of a five-part series on the effects of the Patriot Act in which each segment began with a brief interview with a journalist, followed by a roundtable discussion of the…

  • USA Patriot Act
    Last Aired

    USA Patriot Act

    The panelists discussed the U.S. Patriot Act and how it is used to fight terrorism and possible misuses of the act. They discussed the process by which the act was passed and how it should…

  • Civil Liberties Debate
    Last Aired

    Civil Liberties Debate

    Participants debated the proposition “we are sacrificing civil liberties to the war on terrorism.” Among the topics they addressed were the USA Patriot Act, law enforcement practices,…

  • Security and Privacy in the US
    Last Aired

    Security and Privacy in the U.S.

    The Administrative Law Section held “The Great Debate of 2003: Security v. Privacy in the Post-September 11 Era.” The question was, “Resolved: On Balance, the United States Government Has Safeguarded…

  • Effects of the USA Patriot Act
    Last Aired

    Effects of the USA Patriot Act

    Mr. Dinh discussed the USA Patriot Act and how it has aided law enforcement in the prevention of terrorist attacks in the U.S. and the world. Mr. Dinh is the chief author of the USA Patriot…

  • USA Patriot Act
    Last Aired

    USA Patriot Act

    General Viet Dinh talked about the USA PATRIOT Act and its impact on the American public. Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act allows federal authorities to obtain warrants for customer…

  • America and the Courts
    Last Aired

    America and the Courts

    America and the Courts has two parts. Assistant Attorney General Dinh talks about the federal judicial selection process and the role of the Department of Justice in filling judicial vacancies. One of…

  • Victims Rights
    Last Aired

    Victims' Rights

    Mr. Dinh is responsible for developing and implementing legal policy initiatives for the Justice Department and the administration. He discussed victims' rights and gave an update on the…

  • Military Tribunals
    Last Aired

    Military Tribunals

    Mr. Dinh talked about the status of detainees, military tribunals and the reorganization of the Department of Justice. He also responded to viewer comments and questions.