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  • President Franklin Roosevelt Legacy
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    President Franklin Roosevelt Legacy

    Participants discussed the importance of President Roosevelt in U.S. society today, especially programs such as Social Security and Aid to Families with Dependent Children, and the more…

  • Liberal Platform for the 21st Century Part 2
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    Liberal Platform for the 21st Century Part 2

    Participants gathered to hear testimony from a multitude of witnesses on various issues. This portion focused on economic issues, children’s issues, and the possibilities for building a…

  • Liberal Platform for the 21st Century Part 1
    Last Aired

    Liberal Platform for the 21st Century Part 1

    Participants gathered to discuss a progressive agenda on economics, foreign policy, education and other issues. and economic stratification. Mr. Sheinkman was joined by several Democratic…

  • ADA National Board Meeting
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    ADA National Board Meeting

    Participants discussed the current debate over the federal budget. They examined how those who oppose the Republican agenda can elect a president and Congress who can reverse Republican…

  • Democratic Campaign Agenda
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    Democratic Campaign Agenda

    Rep. Bonior, House Democratic whip, talked about the Democratic agenda, and predicted victory for President Clinton and Democratic congressional candidates in 1996. He took questions from…

  • Presidential Campaign Agenda
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    Presidential Campaign Agenda

    Mr. Knight spoke about the Clinton/Gore 1996 campaign strategy. He emphasized that their record on a variety of issues over the first term will help them win reelection. After his remarks,…