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  • emOur Vietnam The War 19541975em
    Last Aired

    Our Vietnam: The War, 1954-1975

    Professor Langguth spoke about his book Our Vietnam: The War, 1954-1975, published by Simon and Schuster. Professor Langguth’s book examines three main areas over this 20 year period: 1)…

  • Lincoln Memorial Book Shop
    Last Aired

    Lincoln Memorial Book Shop

    Mr. Tellow conducted a tour of the book shop in the Lincoln Memorial and talked about various books available.

  • emTides of Warem Recording the Audio Version
    Last Aired

    Tides of War: Recording the Audio Version

    The narrator and others were interviewed about the process of turning a printed novel into a recorded audio book at Recorded Books, Inc. The print version of Tides of War: A Novel of…

  • emNail Emem
    Last Aired

    "Nail 'Em"

    Eric Dezenhall is the author of "Nail 'em!": Confronting High-Profile Attacks on Celebrities and Businesses, published by Prometheus Books. The book grew out of his experiences as the founder of Nichols-Dezenhall,…

  • emNo God But Godem
    Last Aired

    No God But God

    Ms. Abdo talked about her book No God but God: Egypt and the Triumph of Islam, published by Oxford University Press. The book examines the penetration of “Popular Islamic” influence in the…

  • emA Picturebook of Eleanor Rooseveltem
    Last Aired

    A Picturebook of Eleanor Roosevelt

    Mr. Adler talked about his book A Picturebook of Eleanor Roosevelt, published by Holiday House. He read his book about the life of Mrs. Roosevelt and then focused on why he wrote the book.…

  • Booknotes 10th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Booknotes 10th Anniversary

    In a commemoration of the first ten years of C-SPAN’s Booknotes program, clips of past programs were shown and C-SPAN staff members were interviewed about how the program is created. Several issues…

  • emA Picture Book of John F Kennedyem
    Last Aired

    A Picture Book of John F. Kennedy

    Mr. Adler read from his book A Picture Book of John F. Kennedy, published by Holiday House. He talked about his research for the book and how he decides what to include in the book.

  • 100 Best Nonfiction List of the Century
    Last Aired

    100 Best Nonfiction List of the Century

    Mr. Miller discussed the 100 best nonfiction books of the century as listed in the National Review. He focused on the panel that was selected to compile the list and how they determined…

  • Mount Vernon Historical Research
    Last Aired

    Mount Vernon Historical Research

    Mr. Riley talked about the historical programs and activities he designs for the Mount Vernon interpreters.

  • emWhy the American Centuryem
    Last Aired

    Why the American Century?

    Mr. Zunz discussed his book Why the American Century?. The book relates how 20th Century America was shaped through the marketing of middle class ideals and the increase of employee wages.…

  • emAn Education for Our Timeem Interview
    Last Aired

    An Education for Our Time: Interview

    General Bunting talked about his book, An Education for Our Time, which is a fictional account of a new college endowed in Wyoming. It reflects his real-life beliefs about education…

  • emThe Baltimore Caseem
    Last Aired

    The Baltimore Case

    Mr. Kevles talked about his book, The Baltimore Case: A Trial of Politics, Science, and Character, published by W. W. Norton & Company. The book is the story of the accusations of fraud leveled…

  • John Leo Interview
    Last Aired

    John Leo Interview

    Mr. Leo discussed his opinion of demonstrations on college campuses. He also discussed the success of his book Two Thoughts Ahead of the Thought Police which discusses the origins of…

  • emThe First Impeachmentem
    Last Aired

    The First Impeachment

    Mr. Melton discussed his book, The First Impeachment: The Constitution’s Framers and the Case of Senator William Blount, published by Mercer University Press. The book explores the case of…

  • emThe Last of the Black Emperorsem
    Last Aired

    The Last of the Black Emperors

    Ms. Barras discussed her book, The Last of the Black Emperors: The Hollow Comeback of Marion Barry in the New Age of Black Leaders, published by Bancroft Press. The book describes Mayor…

  • emGreatest Works of Artem
    Last Aired

    Greatest Works of Art

    Mr. Hoving talked about his book, Greatest Works of Art of Western Civilization. He also described his love of art treasures and his career as director of the New York Metropolitan Museum…