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  • 2012 Vice Presidential Candidates Debate
    Last Aired

    Vice Presidential Candidates Debate

    Vice President Joe Biden and Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) met at Centre College for the 2012 vice presidential debate. Both foreign and domestic issues were covered, including terrorism…

  • Representatives Ruppersberger and King on National Security
    Last Aired

    Representatives Ruppersberger and King on National Security

    House Intelligence Committee members Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) and Peter King (R-NY) appeared together on ABC’s “This Week” by remote video from separate locations. In this portion of the…

  • 2012 Presidential Debate Moderators
    Last Aired

    2012 Presidential Debate Moderators

    Journalists who had been selected as moderators of the 2012 presidential debates talked about the debates, and the impact the debates had on the 2012 election. Among the issues they addressed were the…

  • Vice Presidential Debate Prologue
    Last Aired

    Vice Presidential Debate Prologue

    Officials briefed members of the audience on proper debate procedures and etiquette prior to the 2012 vice presidential debate in the Norton Center for the Arts at Centre College in…

  • QA with Martha Raddatz
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Martha Raddatz

    Martha Raddatz discussed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on political, strategic, and personal levels. She talked about her desire to tell stories of the soldiers serving there. Several of…

  • Counterterrorism Navy SEALs and Osama Bin Laden
    Last Aired

    Counterterrorism, Navy SEALs, and Osama Bin Laden

    Eric Olson, the first Navy SEAL ever to be appointed a 3-star and 4-star admiral, and the man who trained the team of Navy SEALS who killed Osama bin Laden, was interviewed by ABC News Correspondent…

  • Investigative Reporting
    Last Aired

    Investigative Reporting

    Journalists spoke about the state of the news and information business, as well as the future of journalism. The event began with a tribute to David Halberstam, and then turned to the…

  • Afghanistan and North Korea
    Last Aired

    Afghanistan and North Korea

    Martha Raddatz reported by phone on the war in Afghanistan. She also talked about efforts by former President Bill Clinton to negotiate the release of two American journalists jailed in…