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  • Iranian Politics and Economy
    Last Aired

    Iranian Politics and Economy

    Mr. Jafarzadeh discussed leadership in Iran, terrorism issues and the economic status of his nation. After his remarks he answered audience members' questions.

  • Latvian Prime Minister Address
    Last Aired

    Latvian Prime Minister Address

    Prime Minister of Latvia, Ivars Godmanis, is the former Vice President of the Popular Front of Latvia. He was one of the main political strategists behind the popular front’s succession to power in May…

  • Changes in Soviet Armed Forces
    Last Aired

    Changes in Soviet Armed Forces

    Major Lopatin, a leader of the military reform movement in Moscow, spoke about changes in the Soviet armed services. He is a member of the Soviet Congress of People’s Deputies. He recently…

  • Future of Cable Television
    Last Aired

    Future of Cable Television

    Mr. Sikes discussed the debate over cable television and the syndication rule. The previous day the Federal Communication Commission had forwarded a report to Congress that outlined their…