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  • New Congress Orientation
    Last Aired

    New Congress Orientation

    Former “Drug Czar” William Bennett spoke to new House members at an orientation forum in the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation. He spoke to the new members on their duties and…

  • Future for the Republican Party
    Last Aired

    Future for the Republican Party

    Fmr. Secy. Bennett discussed the future of the Republican Party after the 1992 presidential election, including his plans to begin a Republican leadership organization to further the cause…

  • An Agenda for Conservatives
    Last Aired

    An Agenda for Conservatives

    Rep. Richard Armey and former Drug Czar William Bennett spoke at a forum on the future for conservatives in Washington following Gov. Bill Clinton’s presidential victory. The two panelists…

  • Vice President Nomination Speech
    Last Aired

    Vice President Nomination Speech

    Former Drug Czar William Bennett nominated Dan Quayle for vice president during the third evening of the Republican National Convention in Houston, TX. Mr. Bennett lauded the topic of “family values”…

  • Republican Platform Hearing The Family
    Last Aired

    Republican Platform Hearing: The Family

    Members of the G.O.P. National Platform Committee heard statements from and asked questions of Mr. Bennett, Ms. Chavez, and Gov. Engler on how the strong family values claimed by the Republican…

  • State of Urban America
    Last Aired

    State of Urban America

    Mr. Bennett and Mr. Marshall discussed the problems of urban America and how the Clinton and Bush campaigns have addressed the issues, including crime, education, economic revitalization and…

  • American Popular Culture
    Last Aired

    American Popular Culture

    As part of a conference entitled “The New Global Popular Culture,” the panelists discussed, “Does Pop Culture Transmit or Trash American Values?”

  • National Discussion on Education Goals
    Last Aired

    National Discussion on Education: Goals

    Mr. Bennett, the former Secretary of Education, compared the education level of American children to that of children from other industrialized nations. He stated that America was falling…

  • President Bushs Political Strategy for 1992
    Last Aired

    President Bush's Political Strategy for 1992

    Forum participants discussed the political strategy of President George Bush and the Republican party as they enter the 1992 presidential campaign, as well as likely issues of the campaign. In…

  • Civil Rights Policies in the 1990s
    Last Aired

    Civil Rights Policies in the 1990s

    The Texas Young Lawyers Association sponsored a debate on civil rights policies in the 1990's, including affirmative action policies and minority scholarships. Former Secretary of Education…