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  •  William Bennett on the 2012 Campaign
    Last Aired

    William Bennett on the 2012 Campaign

    Radio talk show host Bill Bennett talked about the latest developments in the 2012 presidential campaign. He talked about how the unrest in the Middle East has thrust foreign policy and national…

  • In Depth with Bill Bennett
    Last Aired

    In Depth with Bill Bennett

    Author and syndicated radio talk show host Bill Bennett talked about his life, work, and career. Former Secretary Bennett discussed his books on American history, the state of education in the country, and electoral politics. He…

  • After Words with Bill Bennett
    Last Aired

    After Words with Bill Bennett

    Former Education Secretary Bill Bennett examines America at the end of the 20th century and first decade of the 21st. His analysis of recent U.S history begins with the end of the Cold War…

  • Education and US Competitiveness
    Last Aired

    Education and U.S. Competitiveness

    Former Education Secretary, William J. Bennett, spoke about the future of American education and preparing students for roles in a competitive global economy. Among the issues he addressed…

  • Education Leadership Summit
    Last Aired

    Education Leadership Summit

    Former education secretaries talked about the history of public education and current issues and trends in education. Following remarks about the history and current state of public…

  • American Education System
    Last Aired

    American Education System

    A panel discussion titled “Grading America’s Education” was held at the Aspen Ideas Festival. The panel, moderated by Walter Isaacson, was sponsored by the Educational Testing Service.…

  • American Culture and Politics
    Last Aired

    American Culture and Politics

    Mr. Bennett spoke about his Book of Virtues. He spoke about why he wrote it and emphasized the need for moral education to rebuild traditional U.S. societal institutions. He has recently…

  • Global Economy
    Last Aired

    Global Economy

    Participants and governors talked about competitiveness and the role of states in the global economy. Mr. Bennett talked about the importance of education and strategies to improve…

  • emLeft Back A Century of Failed School Reformsem
    Last Aired

    Left Back: A Century of Failed School Reforms

    Panelists discussed Ms. Ravitch’s new book Left Back: A Century of Failed School Reform. The author asserts that the efforts to improve America’s schools have been foiled by reformers who…

  • emThe Educated Childem
    Last Aired

    The Educated Child

    The authors talked about their book, The Educated Child: A Parent’s Guide from Preschool through the Eighth Grade, published by Free Press. The book lists a number of topics and ideas that…

  • Marketing Violence to Children
    Last Aired

    Marketing Violence to Children

    Witnesses testified about the depiction of violence in the media and how it affects children. Senators Hatch and Lieberman testified about their plans to offer legislation directing the…

  • Children and Violence
    Last Aired

    Children and Violence

    Participants talked about how to create better behavior and attitudes among the nation’s youth. Secretary Riley talked about what local schools and parents could do to create a better…

  • Anniversary Gala Dinner
    Last Aired

    Anniversary Gala Dinner

    The participants discussed the national education program and ways that it can be improved. They focused on the teaching of factual knowledge versus the use of critical thought and on the…

  • Improving Racial Diversity in Schools
    Last Aired

    Improving Racial Diversity in Schools

    Members of the panel discussed ways to improve racial diversity in primary and secondary schools. School superintendents and educators talked about different models and examples of racial…

  • Task Force on Federal Role in Education
    Last Aired

    Task Force on Federal Role in Education

    Committee members heard from Secretary Riley and Mr. Bennett on the role of the federal government in education. Secretary Riley talked about President Clinton’s education initiatives and Mr.…

  • Politics and Culture
    Last Aired

    Politics and Culture

    Mr. Bennett announced a new National Commission on Civic Renewal co-chaired by former Senator Nunn and himself which is intended to address issues of civic trust and national morale. He…

  • Morality in America
    Last Aired

    Morality in America

    At an annual business conference, Mr. Bennett spoke about the moral problems facing the United States. He emphasized the importance of teaching values and the central role of the family in…

  • Building Character
    Last Aired

    Building Character

    In a two-day White House Conference on Character Building, Mr. Bennett talked about how society can teach character and morality through communities and schools. He also talked about his…

  • American Popular Culture
    Last Aired

    American Popular Culture

    As part of a conference entitled “The New Global Popular Culture,” the panelists discussed, “Does Pop Culture Transmit or Trash American Values?”

  • National Discussion on Education Goals
    Last Aired

    National Discussion on Education: Goals

    Mr. Bennett, the former Secretary of Education, compared the education level of American children to that of children from other industrialized nations. He stated that America was falling…

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