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  • Discussion on the Next Steps After Impeachment Process
    Last Aired

    Impeachment Inquiry

    The Institute of Politics, Policy and History at the University of the District of Columbia hosted a discussion that dissected the impeachment process, as well as the next steps moving past…

  • National Popular Vote Election Part 2
    Last Aired

    National Popular Vote Election, Part 2

    The Hill newspaper and the Making Every Vote Count Foundation hosted an event at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., on the impact a national popular vote election would have on presidential…

  • 2004 Republican National Convention Day 2
    Last Aired

    2004 Republican National Convention, Day 2

    On the second day of the Republican National Convention in New York’s Madison Square Garden, party leaders and others talked about the Republican agenda, the Bush administration’s record in…

  • Future of the Republican Party
    Last Aired

    Future of the Republican Party

    Michael Steele talked about the future of the Republican Party following the election of President-Elect Barack Obama and Democratic gains in the House and Senate. He responded to telephone…

  • Republican Perspective on Democratic Convention
    Last Aired

    Republican Perspective on Democratic Convention

    Republican press conference titled “Not Ready '08” was held in Denver, Colorado. They talked about Sen. Obama, released a new Republican campaign ad, the Democratic National Convention.…

  • Republican Presidential Candidates Debate
    Last Aired

    Republican Presidential Candidates Debate

    Republican presidential candidates debated social issues, including health care, housing, Hurricane Katrina relief, the economy, and the environment. The debate was moderated by Tavis Smiley. The…

  • Dishonors Award Ceremony
    Last Aired

    Dishonors Award Ceremony

    The Media Research Center’s 20th anniversary gala included a black-tie evening modeling the Academy Awards in order to roast the “most outrageously biased” liberal media and “award” the…

  • Republican Party and Legal Issues
    Last Aired

    Republican Party and Legal Issues

    Speakers addressed a conference of Republican lawyers and spoke about several current legal issues affecting the Republican Party. Senator Specter spoke about recent dismissals of several…

  • Future of Black Men
    Last Aired

    Future of Black Men

    A town hall meeting was held on the challenges facing black American men. The panelists talked about topics such as black families, mentoring, education and training, access to minority business…

  • The Aftermath of Campaign 2006
    Last Aired

    The Aftermath of Campaign 2006

    A Republican and a Democrat talked about the political climate since the midterm elections and the issues facing both parties. Lt. Governor Steele lost to a Democrat in a bid for a U.S. Senate…

  • Maryland Senate Debate
    Last Aired

    Maryland Senate Debate

    Democratic Representative Ben Cardin debated Republican Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele for a Maryland U.S. Senate seat. This debate was moderated by NBC’s Tim Russert.

  • Maryland Senate Debate
    Last Aired

    Maryland Senate Debate

    Lieutenant Governor Steele and Representative Cardin participated in a televised debate in the campaign for the U.S. Senate. Following the debate campaign commercials were shown.

  • Genocide in Darfur
    Last Aired

    Genocide in Darfur

    A rally was held on the National Mall before the U.S. Capitol to raise public awareness of genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan and to put public pressure on the administration to take…

  • Gridiron Dinner Stakeout
    Last Aired

    Gridiron Dinner Stakeout

    The Gridiron Club hosted its annual dinner in Washington attended by president Busy along with government officials, journalists, and celebrities. The guests were shown entering the…

  • Martin Luther King Legacy of Service
    Last Aired

    Martin Luther King Legacy of Service

    Speakers honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s outreach to the black community. They discussed his legacy of service and the standard of volunteerism that he set. The event was held at Hope…

  • Public Service and the Law
    Last Aired

    Public Service and the Law

    Ms. Miles introduced Lieutenant Governor Steele as the 37th annual Pope John XXIII lecturer. He talked about the social role of lawyers in the context of serving society. After his lecture…

  • QA with Michael Steele
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Michael Steele

    In an interview, Lieutenant Governor Steele talked about the influence of his mother and his upbringing in Washington, DC. He explained why he became a Republican and talked about his career…

  • Republican National Convention Day 3
    Last Aired

    Republican National Convention, Day 3

    On the third day of the Republican National Garden in Madison Square Garden, party leaders talked about the Republican domestic agenda and national defense issues. Senator Miller, who had given…

  •  Preparing for the Jobs of the 21st Century
    Last Aired

    Preparing for the Jobs of the 21st Century

    Secretary Chao moderated a panel discussion on programs for job creation, worker training and education, and developing skills to fill the jobs of the 21st Century in order to keep America…

  • Judicial Nominations
    Last Aired

    Judicial Nominations

    Congressmen and others spoke to reporters about the nomination of Judge Janice Roberts Brown to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and Democratic resistance to the nomination.…

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