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  • Landmark Cases II Series Launch
    Last Aired

    Landmark Cases Second Season Launch

    National Constitution Center President Jeffrey Rosen and constitutional scholars Akhil Amar and Michael Paulsen previewed the second season of “Landmark Cases: Historic Supreme Court Decisions.” The…

  • Federalist Society Convention Examines Justice Antonin Scalias Legacy
    Last Aired

    Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention, Day 1, Panel 1

    Judge Sandra Ikuta, who was on President-elect Trump’s list as a possible U.S. Supreme Court nominee, moderated a discussion on using legislative history in deciding cases. In 1986 Justice Scalia changed the prevailing…

  • Discussion on the Supreme Court and Conservatism
    Last Aired

    U.S. Supreme Court and Conservatism

    A panel of conservative legal experts and U.S. Supreme Court observers discussed the nation’s highest court under Chief Justice John Roberts, the decisions it has made, and what aspects of his legacy would be most…

  • Michael Stokes Paulsen on emThe Constitutionem
    Last Aired

    The Constitution

    Michael Stokes Paulsen, with his son Luke, talked about their book, The Constitution: An Introduction.

  • The Original Meaning of Various Clauses
    Last Aired

    The Original Meaning of Various Clauses

    A panel discussion was held titled “Showcase Panel IV: The Original Meaning of the Commerce, Spending, and Necessary and Proper Clauses” on the original intent of the commerce clause and…

  • Resolution to Draft Florida Electors
    Last Aired

    Resolution to Draft Florida Electors

    Committee members heard testimony from legal scholars and the public on whether to appoint presidential electors and the political and legal implications of such a decision. At issue were court…

  • Nixon and Judicial Supremacy
    Last Aired

    Nixon and Judicial Supremacy

    Panelists discussed the relationship between the executive and judicial branches. They talked about this relationship in the context of the Supreme Court case U.S. vs. Nixon. They answered…